10 amazing cycling and hiking experiences in North Brabant

Een foto van Kiki Brouwers.
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  • Fietsen door bloemenveld
  • Uitzicht vanaf de Flaestoren in Landgoed de Utrecht in de Brabantse Kempen
  • Fietsers op de fietsbrug in Museum Overloon
  • Vrouw kijkt uit vanaf de Moerputtenbrug in 's-Hertogenbosch

Cycle through a museum, walk through water with dry feet or plan your own unique route. Anyone coming walking and cycling in North Brabant can choose from unique experiences. The cycle routes and hiking trails not only take you through the most beautiful natural landscapes, but also past castles, monasteries, watchtowers, good restaurants and bicycle cafés. Feel free to take it down a gear as there are plenty of wonderful things to stop for in North Brabant.

1. Walk through the Brabant monastic life

Follow a walking route where there is not only plenty to see, but where you also experience stories. Thirteen monastery trails have been marked out in North Brabant. They last for one to one and a half hours and take you through the Brabant monastic life from the past to the present. The routes connect existing and former monasteries and abbeys in the stunning countryside.

The monastery circular walks are part Our Monastery Trail, a 330-kilometre walking route in North Brabant consisting of 15 stages. Take a break along the way with a delicious Trappist beer, spend the night in an old monastery and take a look in the abbey shops.

Twee wandelaars bij de poort van de Abdij van Berne. Twee vrouwen met ezeltje op Ons Kloosterpad Twee mensen die een routekaart lezen voor een klooster

Discover all stages and circular walks

2. Photogenic footbridges and wooden walkways

  • Vrouw kijkt uit vanaf de Moerputtenbrug in 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Man met kindje op de Mozesbrug bij Bergen op Zoom
  • Wandelen in het Land van de Peel over een vlonderpad

Have your camera at the ready on the most photogenic walking and cycle routes North Brabant has to offer. Along the Brabantse Wal, close to Bergen op Zoom, you walk over the Moses Bridge (photo right) through the water without getting your feet wet. This provides some exceptional pictures! And just past 's-Hertogenbosch, the Moerputten Bridge (photo left) provides lovely shots of the weathered railway track amid a vast nature area. There are even more photogenic walking spots in the Brabant countryside, see the prettiest wooden walkways in North Brabant below.

6 Wooden Walkways

3. Thrilling folk tales come to life

Smugglers, a gnome king and gangs: on the Sagas & Legends routes you experience a truly exceptional adventure in the Brabant countryside. Follow the trail of members of the White Feather Gang in Loon op Zand and discover the story of the ‘child prodigy’ of Hilvarenbeek. Meet Gnome King Kyrië in De Kempen and explore the thrilling Smugglers’ Route on De Groote Heide. With the Sagas & Legends routes, a trip into the North Brabant countryside becomes a thrilling experience for all ages.

Discover the Sagas & Legends routes

4. Cycle or walk in Van Gogh’s footsteps

  • Van Gogh Wandelroute Nuenen bordje met molen

North Brabant is where Vincent van Gogh was born, grew up and produced his first masterpiece: ‘The Potato Eaters’. When you cycle or walk the Van Gogh Route, you follow in the footsteps of a master painter. A cycling network covering 435 kilometres with 10 signposted cycle routes invites you to discover the North Brabant that stole Van Gogh’s heart. With the five Van Gogh NP Walking Routes, you explore the Van Gogh National Park on foot, as if you are walking through a lifelike painting. 

Discover his birthplace in Zundert and the Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur or admire his original paintings in Het Noordbrabants Museum in 's-Hertogenbosch. The cycle route from Eindhoven to Nuenen takes you through the countryside that was Van Gogh’s greatest inspiration. On the way, you go past the Watermolen van Opwetten restaurant, the Van Gogh Village Museum, and the illuminated Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Cycle Path.

Discover all Van Gogh routes

5. TOP Scenic Routes and national parks

  • Wandelen in de Loonse-en Drunense Duinen
  • Stel in vogelkijkhut in Land van de Peel
  • Fietsen door bloemenveld

With no fewer than four national parks and many exceptional nature reserves, you will be hard pressed to choose a walking or cycling trail. So, we give you a helping hand. With the Brabant TOP Scenic Routes, you will always have a wonderful experience in the countryside.

Cycle through the Kalmthoutse Heide Cross-border Nature Reserve or explore De Biesbosch National Park, the largest freshwater tidal wetland in Europe. See birds during a cycling trip through De Groote Peel National Park and cross the ‘Brabant Sahara’ in the Loon and Drunen Dunes National Park.

Een foto van Kiki Brouwers.

"Follow the TOP Scenic Route through the Oisterwijk’s Forests & Fens. The route starts at Bezoekerscentrum Oisterwijk (Visitors’ Centre) and takes you past beautiful fens, surrounded by an enchanting forest."

Discover all TOP Scenic Routes

6. Brabant’s fortified towns along the Zuiderwaterlinie

  • Grave - kanonnen
  • Een afbeelding van Heusden in de lucht

You can walk past Brabant’s fortified towns and the surrounding countryside all the way from Grave (photo left) to Bergen op Zoom. The Zuiderwaterlinie (southern water line) is not only a historic defence line and a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering, but it also forms a chain linking some of the most beautiful towns and nature reserves in North Brabant.

The Zuiderwaterlinie Walking Trail is a route covering a total of 290 kilometres, passing 11 of Brabant’s fortified towns on the way. If you are only going walking in North Brabant for a day, you can follow an individual stage. Heusden (photo right) is one of Brabant’s most well-known fortified towns. With its picturesque streets and monumental buildings, it is certainly worth visiting.

7. A culinary walk past the Brabant Food Routes

Sample the flavours of Brabant regions along the way

North Brabant is known for its gastronomy and hospitality. Let the flavours of Brabant’s eating culture and the stories of the enthusiastic entrepreneurs inspire you during a culinary walk or cycle trip. All the Brabant Food Routes are a joy to discover.

Discover the trendy hospitality venues in industrial heritage to regional produce from farmers, and the famous asparagus on the Brabantse Wal to a genuine Bossche Bol in 's-Hertogenbosch. Along the route, you sample the flavours of the Brabant regions, but also discover unique cities and the good life in the countryside.

Wijngaard druiven plukken foodroute Bierbrouwerij Ooijen bier proosten Voor Anker borrelplank foodroute

Discover all food routes

8. Cycling through Overloon War Museum

  • Fietsers op de fietsbrug in Museum Overloon

In North Brabant, you can cycle straight through a museum! During Overloon War Museum’s opening hours, you cycle through the museum on the cycle bridge. There are plenty of reasons to stop for a moment as you can look down on the exhibition of cannons and military vehicles from a height of three metres. Moreover, Overloon War Museum is one of the 40 Brabant Bicycle cafés, so you will feel warmly welcomed here as a cyclist!

Een foto van Kiki Brouwers.

"The museum is located on ‘The Other Side Cycle Route' of the Liberation Route Brabant. It is the perfect spot to learn more about the Second World War and to stop for a cup of coffee or a tasty treat."

Discover the Liberation Route Brabant

9. The Brabant countryside from five unique watchtowers

Breath-taking views

Breath-taking views

You can enjoy the North Brabant countryside in a unique way from one of the watchtowers along   popular walking and cycling routes. De Maashorst Nature Reserve is at your feet at Herperduin watchtower. Who knows, you may even manage to spot a wild grazer from more than 25 metres altitude. At Fort de Roovere in Halsteren, 129 steps lead to the Pompejus watchtower and a fantastic view of De Brabantse Wal.

The Kempen Tower in the centre of the Spoorpark in Tilburg is unique, as is its ‘younger brother’ the Flaes Tower with unsurpassed views of De Utrecht Estate in Esbeek. Discover more watchtowers in North Brabant below.

Uitzicht vanaf de Flaestoren in Landgoed de Utrecht in de Brabantse Kempen Uitkijktoren Herperduin in de Maashorst

10. Plan your own cycling or walking route in Brabant

  • Fietsers bepalen route aan de hand van knooppunten netwerk

If you like to turn left when the rest turn right, North Brabant makes it easy for you to draw up your own plans. In North Brabant you can easily use the numbered junction network for walks and cycle rides. With our online junction network planner, you can mark out your own walking or cycling route based on your interests and the distance you prefer. 

Plan your own route

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