Weekend in the Brabant Kempen region with the family

Rianne Leenders
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  • Paarden op de Cartierheide in De Kempen

Walk and cycle on the trail of smugglers and witches. Play at a SterrenStrand recreational park and close your eyes at night in a tipi. North Brabant takes you closer to magical experiences with the whole family! Be inspired for a weekend of quality time in the Brabant Kempen region.

Day 1. Arrival

  • TerSpegelt tent aan het water
  • Uitzicht over het water van het strand en de grote trampoline bij TerSpegelt
  • Foto van het interieur van het restaurant bij TerSpegelt

Start your weekend in North in Brabant at a relaxed pace after checking in to your accommodation. Recreatiepark TerSpegelt is in Eersel, close to the Belgian border. It is one of the best holiday parks in the Netherlands! Take your own motorhome or caravan or go for a glamping adventure in a cool lodge or tipi.

Holiday fun in North Brabant

Here, the children can have fun for the rest of the day in the indoor swimming pool, at the petting zoo or on the pump track. In nice weather, the best fun can be had in the recreational lakes. At SterrenStrand recreational park, the youngest adventurers step into a magical world of water, sand and playground equipment. Welcome to North Brabant!

sterrenstrand met kinderen aan de rand van het water

Day 2. Black Kaat Cycle Route

  • Heksenboom Zwarte Kaat fietsroute

The Brabant Kempen region is known as an area full of enchanting nature reserves and mysterious legends. That makes a day on the bike a true experience for the whole family!

Cycling in the Brabant Kempen region
It’s high time to explore the surrounding area. And you can do that on one of the best family cycle routes in Brabant: The Black Kaat Route. A short drive takes you to the official starting point at Recreatiepark De Achterste Hoef. The 36-kilometre cycle route takes you past the thrilling history of the ‘Witch of Hellende’ via the numbered junction network. The witch used to terrorise the Kempen region, but she is now hidden in the Kempen countryside! See if you can find traces of her.

Rianne Leenders

"If you won’t be taking your own bikes with you to the Brabant Kempen region, you can hire bikes, e-bikes, child seats and hand carts at Recreatiepark TerSpegelt."

Postel Abbey

On the way, there are plenty of spots where you can get off your bike. One is at the mysterious Witch’s Tree, which is a short walk into the forest. And don’t miss the centuries-old Postel Abbey. Walk through the abbey gate, on to the historical inner courtyard and visit the little shop with tasty abbey products.

Abdij van Postel

On an adventure at Outdoorpark Reusel

When you are ready for some action, the cool Outdoorpark Reusel tree top adventure park is right next to Taverne d’n ouwe Brandtoren. Whoosh between the tree tops on the zipline and try one of the tree top trails. There is a suitable adventure for all ages. If you’ve still any energy left, climb De Nieuwe Brandtoren, proclaimed to be one of the best 40 watchtowers in the world. From here, you easily cycle back to the starting point of the cycle route.

In bomen klimmende kinderen in Outdoor Center Reusel Klimtoren met parcours eromheen die beklommen wordt door kinderen

Day 3. Cartierheide wooden walkway

After such an active day, it’s lovely waking up at the park. Enjoy all the amenities in the morning! Afterwards, a wonderful walk through one of Brabant’s most beautiful nature reserves awaits you. The Top Scenic Route Cartierheide starts right by the accommodation, at TerSpegelt Nature Gate.

The 6.5-kilometre walk takes you into the rugged heathland from the park. The forests at Cartierheide used to be the territory of smugglers. Walk over the beautiful wooden walkway and look out for exceptional animals on the way. You could spot lizards, slippery snakes or croaking moor frogs!

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