Kids-proof camping weekend in the west of North Brabant

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  • Twee kinderen op uitkijktoren Fort de Roovere

So, the children are on board, the bikes are on the back, and off we go to North Brabant! The holiday feeling begins as soon as you drive along the back roads past beautiful villages and wide landscapes. The western part of North Brabant is full of unusual experiences. Everything is so close by, so you’ll get the most from your weekend break. Park up the motorhome on the farm and enjoy an adventure with the whole family in Northwest Brabant.

  • Campers op Camperplaats Mieke's Hof in Hoeven
  • Uitkijktoren Pompejus, Fort de Roovere

Day 1. Arrival

As soon as you drive into North Brabant, you’ll have your folding chair in front of your motorhome before you know it, and you can enjoy the panoramic views. It’s the ultimate camping feeling! Distances here are short, so just choose a good base and you’ll be fine. Mieke’s Hof motorhome site in Hoeven is one of these places from where you can go on countless trips. When you arrive take a look at the cows and visit the farm shop for an ice cream or something tasty home grown in Brabant. The countryside is always just round the corner in North Brabant. You might want to take a nice walk into the Pagnevaartbos woods, or the cool Laarzenpad (rubber boots path) in the Gastels Laag nature reserve.


"A bite to eat away from the motorhome? There is a really unusual restaurant just 2.5 kilometres away. De Cockpit restaurant is right next to Seppe Airfield (Breda International Airport)!"

Day 2. Oudenbosch and fun in the water

  • Vanuit de lucht genomen foto met de grote koepel van de basiliek.
  • Basiliek Oudenbosch
  • Interieur Basiliek Oudenbosch
  • Koepel Basiliek Oudenbosch

Een uitstapje naar Rome

Ready for a day out in Rome? You’ll only need to cycle for a few minutes from the campsite! The majestic Oudenbosch Basilica can be seen from a great distance. It is a scale copy of St. Peter’s in Rome. Take some time to admire the high ceilings, marble columns and of course the imposing dome. Entrance to the basilica is free, and for 50 cents you can take the stairs up to the outer edge of the dome – quite an experience!

  • Uitzicht foto van een deel van het park en arboretum in Oudenbosch.
  • Vooraanzicht van kapel Saint Louis te Oudenbosch. De koepel is goudkleurig

There are plenty of other unusual things to see in Oudenbosch. Just across from the basilica there is an Arboretum, with a fun treasure hunt among the gnomes for children from 4 to 8 years. And if you walk a bit further, you’ll come to a lovely square of the former Saint Louis boarding school for boys, with the shimmering golden dome of St Louis Chapel. You can take a break from all these impressions in the very pink surroundings of Maddey’s, an old-fashioned American tearoom with delicious treats from their own bakery. Or you can go to Villa d’Este for a gourmet lunch.


"If you are in Oudenbosch on a Sunday afternoon, you can also visit the Sterrenwacht Tivoli observatory across the road from the basilica."

After a morning soaking up culture, now it’s time to play! The Waterspeelpark Splesj (pronounced ‘Splash’) is a great place to be on a summer’s day and is only a few minutes by bike from the motorhome site. There’s enough fun to be had for an afternoon for people of all ages.  Shoot down the 100 metre long Wild Water Ride, see who is the fastest on the countless water slides and discover Europe’s largest spray park. The youngest members of the family can enjoy the Watertuin (Water Garden) and the Turtle Island adventure island.


"Don’t like swimming? Then visit the Natural History and Ethnology Museum in Oudenbosch. It has a treasure hunt and an activity table where kids can look at, feel and try out various objects."

Day 3. Brabantse Wal

Walk through water, explore fortresses, climb lookout towers and swing through the treetops. It might be time to leave the motorhome site today, but there is an unforgettable day in North Brabant ahead of us!

Fort de Roovere
You will be exploring part of the Brabantse Wal today in the most westerly part of the province. The first stop is Fort de Roovere in nearby Halsteren. This fortress formed part of the West Brabant Water Defence Line which defended North Brabant against invasion in the 17th century. Climb up to the top of the earthworks, and you can almost imagine the soldiers galloping on their horses. The Pompéjus lookout tower is next to the fortress, what a work of art! On the other side you can walk across the world famous Mozesbrug (Moses Bridge). You can walk through the water across this trench bridge, but your feet will stay dry!

Vooraanzicht van de toren met de brede houten trappen. Op de trappen lopen twee kinderen en een meneer. Mozesbrug, Fort de Roovere

An adventure in the Klimbos treetop walk

  • Klimbos Brabantse Wal in Bergen op Zoom
  • Twee jongens staan op een plateau hoog aan de boom, klaar voor het vervolgen van de klauter-route

Ready for some action? An afternoon of adventure awaits the whole family at the Klimbos Brabantse Wal in Bergen op Zoom. Try the zipline, swing on lianen ropes and make a free fall safely. There are nine routes with different levels of difficulty, some of which are suitable for children from 6 years old (minimum 1.20 m tall). There is also a nature stage and a gnome path for the youngest and smallest adventurers next to the treetop walk, so there is always something for anyone to experience!

If you are interested in more great days out for children in Brabant, check out our tips for children’s nature trips and the greatest kidsproof museums.


"Get on board for a short ride to Bergen op Zoom. You can enjoy a delicious lunch along the Binnenschelde with your feet in the sand at one of the brasseries of beach pavilions, such as the Strandhuys of Saus aan ’t water. You can park right on the boulevard.”

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