North Brabant culture & heritage

  • Kasteel Heeswijk
  • Corso Zundert
  • Watermolen van Opwetten in Nuenen
  • Brabantsedag Heeze

In North Brabant you experience culture and heritage with all of your senses. The Brabant idiosyncrasies and innovative power are experienced in cities where heritage goes hand in hand with high-tech and until far out in the Brabant countryside, which is full of monuments and castles.

A day at the museum? North Brabant has some of the best museums in the Netherlands. Walk or cycle through the history of war with Brabant Herinnert (Brabant remembers) or follow in the footsteps of artists and the Brabanters’ Vincent van Gogh and Hieronymus Bosch. Plan your ideal cultural excursion here and check the events calendar for special events, such as Brabant Day and the Flower Parade.

Vincent van Gogh

In the footsteps of van Gogh

In the footsteps of van Gogh

North Brabant is where Van Gogh grew from Brabant’s ‘painter boy’ into a world-famous master painter. His story is told by monuments throughout the entire region.

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2 vrouwen die naar een Van Gogh muurschildering kijken in Etten-Leur Van Gogh kerkje in Nuenen
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