The regions of North Brabant

North Brabant brings you closer to the city and the countryside. There is no need to choose between the two. In the regions of North Brabant, bustling cities are linked with one another by a green landscape full of castles, national parks, museums and attractive villages.

The ten regions invite you to go exploring. Each region is unique in the Netherlands, but all are equally hospitable and full of fun excursions. With walking and cycling routes, local legends and the most delicious local products.

B el g D uitsland

Brabantse Wal

The Brabantse Wal geological fault is located on the border of Brabant and Zeeland. This is an unusual part of the Netherlands with Bergen op Zoom as its central point.

Discover Brabantse Wal
Brabantse Wal

The Biesbosch

The Biesbosch National Park is a unique experience. It is a delta with unusual countryside, from jungle to extensive views.

Discover The Biesbosch
De Biesbosch

Land van de Peel

Undiscovered pathways will stimulate your curiosity and challenge you to a new adventure. Make your way past ancient castles and savour the taste of a gastronomic life.

Discover Land van de Peel
Land van de Peel

De Langstraat

Welcome to De Langstraat region, Brabant’s back garden. Go on an adventure and enjoy its gastronomic hospitality.

Discover De Langstraat
Heusden vesting met molen

De Groote Heide

No fewer than 6000 hectares of beautiful countryside stretch from south of Eindhoven to beyond the Belgian border. If you want to relax, this is the place.

Discover De Groote Heide
Abdij De Achelse Kluis in de Groote Heide

Land van Cuijk

The Land van Cuijk is not just a place to relax, it is also the largest history museum in the Netherlands.

Discover Land van Cuijk
Land van Cuijk

The Brabant Kempen region

An area filled with beautiful countryside, delicious regional products and typical local stories. Appreciate the charming villages with their attractive pavement cafes and restaurants.

Discover The Brabant Kempen region
Uitzicht vanaf de Flaestoren in Landgoed de Utrecht in de Brabantse Kempen

The Barony of Breda

The bustling city of Breda as its central point, but also Zundert where the world-famous artist Vincent van Gogh was born, and Etten-Leur where his career began.

Discover The Barony of Breda
2 wandelaars in een natuurgebied

De Maashorst

Work your way past trees, streams and animals. Spot European bison, aurochs and Exmoor ponies, the primeval inhabitants of the area.

Discover De Maashorst
Natuur in De Maashorst

Het Groene Woud

Cosy village centres, special nature reserves and authentic landscapes, located between the cities of 's-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven and Tilburg.

Discover Het Groene Woud
Gezin op pontje bij Kasteren in het Groene Woud

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