Breda, a city of contrasts

  • Twee mannen kijken naar een van de kunstwerken van de Blind Walls Gallery in Breda
  • Bootje in de haven van Breda
  • Valkenberg park in het centrum van Breda. Gezin geniet in Breda Park Valkenberg met fontein op de achtergrond.
  • Gezin geniet op terrasje in het Ginneken in Breda

In Breda, creative people and impact makers give a contemporary character to the city filled with history. You can see this for yourself in the bustling shopping streets and the rough harbour area. Between the old city gates, monastery walls and hidden courtyards, extreme pioneering is taking place and life is being enjoyed.

This means that there is always something unique to discover in Breda. Dive into the past of the Nassau Royal Family, visit museums or navigate the canals. For the outdoor enthusiast, in Breda, the countryside is just around the corner. Come back for more or, better still, enjoy an overnight stay in North Brabant. Theatre, film, podiums and good restaurants offer all you need for a great evening out in Breda.

The best events and most beautiful routes in Breda

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