7 places to go in the Brabant countryside with children

Rianne Leenders
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  • Gezin op pontje bij Kasteren in het Groene Woud
  • Vader en zoon in de Kampina, natuurgebied in Brabant
  • Twee jongens kijken uit vanaf Fort de Roovere
  • Meisje als kabouter bij een kabouterpaaltje op het kabouterpad

Adventure is there for the taking in the Brabant countryside. Getting some exercise, playing and being outdoors means quality time with the whole family. Follow fun children’s routes and gnome paths together. Climb watchtowers, hunt for animals and have fun in natural playgrounds. With these tips for routes and children’s activities in the countryside, you will have a wonderful family outing in North Brabant.

1. Sagas & Legends routes

Smugglers, a gnome king and a child prodigy: on the Sagas & Legends routes in North Brabant, a trip into the countryside becomes a real experience. Junction networks take you straight through stunning natural landscapes where folk tales come to life.

The Kempen population have been telling stories about Gnome King Kyrië for generations. Follow the trail of the Kempen Gnomes by bike. See if you are brave enough to listen to the story of the ‘Witch of Hellende’ on the Black Kaat route. She used to terrorise the Kempen region, but she is now hidden in the stunning countryside! Another thrilling Sagas & Legends route awaits you in Hilvarenbeek and surrounding area. It is all about the child prodigy Jan van Gorp. He found the earthly paradise, see if you can too!

2. Speelbos Boeverijen in Breda

  • Kinderen klimmen op een klimtoestel in het Mastbos
  • Kinderen spelen in het zand in het Mastbos in Breda
  • Kasteel Bouvigne

In the Mastbos in Breda there is a large course that invites children to get messy with water and sand, clamber over rope bridges and swing on a zipline. With views of the enchanting Bouvigne Castle, it is easy to imagine yourself as a knight or princess in Speelbos Boeverijen. There is also a fun gnome path next to the forest playground.

3. Docus the Badger Adventure Trail

Come for a day of walking, cycling and adventure in De Maashorst, the ultimate primeval region of the Netherlands. The Docus the Badger Adventure Trail is specially for the youngest adventures. It is an exciting route covering 1.5 kilometres with a natural playground and fun questions to answers. For example, do you know why moles are blind?

The walk is free and starts from Charme Camping Hartje Groen, one of the best campsites in North Brabant for a family holiday in the countryside.   

Twee kinderen spelen aan de waterkant bij Charme Camping Hartje Groen Spelende kinderen op Charme Camping Hartje Groen in De Maashorst Restaurant bij Charme Camping Hartje Groen in De Maashorst

4. Loon and Drunen Dunes National Park

  • Meisje speelt in het zand in de Loonse en Drunense Duinen

One of the largest sand drift areas in Western Europe is around the corner from theme park Efteling. It is basically one huge sand pit, what child could want for anything more! You can enjoy wandering through the dunes and have fun playing in the sand. Numerous lovely routes have been marked out, ideal for a day of walking, cycling or mountain biking.

Rianne Leenders

"Recreation Park and Camping Het Genieten, with an outdoor and indoor playground, water playground and large patio is just past De Roestelberg (restaurant)."

5. Wooden walkways and watchtowers

  • Twee kinderen op uitkijktoren Fort de Roovere
  • Vrouw kijkt uit vanaf de Moerputtenbrug in 's-Hertogenbosch

A walk in the Brabant countryside becomes that bit more adventurous with exceptional bridges and watchtowers. Near Fort de Roovere close to Bergen op Zoom, you walk through the water across the Moses Bridge while keeping your feet dry. This ‘trench bridge’ is a famous architectural work of art. Right alongside, a climb of 129 steps to the top of the Pompejus Tower awaits.

In Esbeek, you look out over De Utrecht Estate from the Flaes Tower at an altitude of 24 metres. Please note, take a euro coin per person for the climb. If you are staying in De Maashorst, the Uitkijktoren Herperduin (watchtower), just past Speelbos Herperduin (forest playground) is recommended. 

There is a stunning old railway bridge in the middle of De Moerputten Nature Reserve in 's-Hertogenbosch. Discover for yourself why this is one of the most photogenic spots in North Brabant!

Kids-proof overnight stays in the Brabant countryside

6. Gnome paths in North Brabant

The smallest adventurers can discover the countryside in North Brabant along fun gnome paths. From Buitencentrum De Pelen (outdoor centre) in Ospel, gnome signposts point the way through De Groote Peel National Park. The route itself is free and from April to October, for a small fee you can collect a small backpack that contains ‘gnome tasks’ and something tasty.

A day in the fresh outdoor air in West Brabant. The Lievensberg Estate Gnome Path starts from Brabantse Wal Climbing Forest. For €7.95 you can hire a bindle bag containing a pointed hat, map and games.

There are also bindle bags for the gnome path at HeideCafé De Strabrechtse Heide in Heeze. Dress up as a gnome and explore the 1.5-kilometre route. It costs €5. See if you can solve the assignments along the way.

7. Speelnatuur van OERRR

Oisterwijk’s Forests & Fens are ideal for a day out with the children in Brabant. Three short hiking routes have been set out from Bezoekerscentrum Groot Speijck (visitors’ centre). Once you are back at the start, the children can play to their heart’s content in the forest playground at Speelnatuur van OERRR. Admission is €1.50 for children from age 2. The forest patio at Groot Speijck is a wonderful place to recharge with a delicious genuine Brabant sausage roll or other tasty treat.

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