9 Romantic Overnight Stays in North Brabant

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  • Bossche Kraan, Tramkade
  • Cabin ANNA Holenberg
  • In de Hei - huisje
  • Kampinastaete

If you would like to escape the bustle of daily life together, Brabant offers plenty of choice for romantic overnight stays. You could choose from a weekend of quality time amid the countryside or for the liveliness of a city. Cocoon yourselves in a design cabin, exceptional glamping or tiny house. Or experience a unique stay in a harbour crane or floating hotel room. You can do it all in Brabant!

1. One with nature in a design cabin

Sunbathing in your living room or stargazing in bed

Sunbathing in your living room or stargazing in bed

Cabin ANNA at Holenberg is the right address for an exceptional stay with the two of you in the middle of the countryside. Here, you instantly discover that spending the night in the countryside can be extremely romantic as well as luxurious. Sunbathing in your living room or stargazing in bed? Just slide open the roof! Or close off your cabin for an evening together by the fireplace. The cabins are tucked away in the heart of the Holenberg forest at the foot of De Maashorst, the largest contiguous nature area in the region. Holenberg is part of Charme Camping Hartje Groen.

Cabin ANNA Holenberg Cabin ANNA Holenberg Cabin ANNA Holenberg

2. Camping on a raft in the reeds

  • Slapen op een vlot - De Heen
  • Slapen op een vlot - De Heen
  • Slapen op een vlot - De Heen

For an exceptional back to basics countryside experience you should go to the village of De Heen, on the border of North Brabant and Zeeland. Just the trip to your overnight accommodation makes it a place you won’t readily forget. The sustainable camping rafts are tucked away among the reeds of the Steenbergsche Vliet and can only be reached by canoe. Get in and pedal thorough the silent countryside to your shelter. The rafts are provided with camping equipment so be sure to take some tasty food and drinks to enjoy at sunset. When you wake up the next morning, you can enjoy the views of the smooth water and numerous water birds.

3. Sleep at high altitude in a harbour crane

  • Bossche Kraan, Tramkade
  • Stel bij de beschilderde silo's op de Tramkade in 's-Hertogenbosch.

When you think of a harbour crane, a romantic night away may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But you would be mistaken! The ‘Bossche Kraan (crane) is right by the water on the Tramkade, located on the outskirts of the historic city centre of 's-Hertogenbosch. It is a luxury two-person hotel room at 15 metres altitude. The room has charming furnishings and is equipped with all modern conveniences. The thing that makes an overnight stay here even more spectacular is that the crane rotates! So, you can choose the view you would like to see! Sunset with a view of the impressive St John’s Cathedral is always a success!

4. Spend the night in an historic aeroplane

  • B&B Friendship, slapen in een vliegtuig

Sleeping in an aeroplane may not sound like the most romantic ide, but you will find out that it is in Brabant, and that’s without even taking a night flight. In Hoogerheide, located amid De Brabantse Wal Nature Reserve between Rotterdam and Antwerp, there is a Fokker F27 ‘Friendship’ from 1961. It has been transformed into a luxury suite for heavenly nights. The beautifully renovated 25-metre-long Fokker exudes the atmosphere of the 1960s but is equipped with all modern comforts.

Een foto van Kiki Brouwers.

"Learn more about the Second World War in Brabant? From B&B Friendship, you can cycle along the Battle of the Scheldt Cycle Route. This route is part of the Liberation Route Brabant and tells the story of the liberation."

5. Wake up relaxed in the forest

Wake up to the sound of chirping birds

Wake up to the sound of chirping birds

If you’d like to enjoy the peace and space of the countryside together, the romantic tiny houses at KampinaStaete are perfect for that. They are in the middle of Oisterwijk’s Forests & Fens and on the outskirts of the stunning De Kampina Nature Reserve. All the cottages are stylishly furnished and blend into the surroundings. Wake up to the sound of chirping birds, croaking frogs and enjoy your breakfast in the morning sun on your private patio. Want to take your romantic overnight stay to the next level? Complete your stay with a wood-fired hot tub!

Kampinastaete Kampinastaete cottage binnen Kampinastaete Diamond Suite

Lovely walking tips in the vicinity:

6. Stargazing from a dome

If a holiday to Ibiza is not on the cards, immerse yourselves in the ultimate island vibes at Glamping Blessed at Aquabest near Eindhoven. Gaze at the stars through the window in the top of your private luxury Dome, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with your feet in the sand and drink a cocktail with views of the water from your lounge chair. The tasteful furnishings provide the ultimate holiday experience close to home. Keep an eye on the festival dates at Aquabest and plan your weekend away carefully!

7. Sleeping on boat in the middle of the city

Looking for a unique overnight stay for you and your partner and you both like the quiet but also the liveliness of a city? On Tramkade in Den Bosch, you can stay in the aluminium tiny floating house The Coon, inspired by style icons such as the Airstream and Dakota Caravan. Here, you spend the night in the bustling and cultural hotspot of 's-Hertogenbosch, but then with views of the water.  You could of course pick one of the nearby Wikkelboats, moored at foot of the characteristic silos and furnished with a hammock and a private Jacuzzi!

Wikkelboat - Tramkade Wikkelboat binnen - Tramkade GM-26 boot The Coon - Tramkade

8. Spend the night with alpacas

  • In de Hei - huisje
  • B&B In de Hei - alpaca's

The cabins at alpaca farm In de Hei in Mariahout, located between Veghele and Helmond, are original and unique. Here, you can completely relax and unwind in the pleasant De Peel countryside with alpacas as your neighbours. The tiny houses are located behind the former milking shed, partly nestled in the forest and offering complete privacy. You cook on a wood-burning stove. And if that’s not romantic enough, all cabins have a hot tub with views of the alpaca meadow.

9. Wake up in a glass house

See a majestic red deer during your weekend away? That could become a reality during an overnight stay in ’t Edele Hert glass house in the De Scheeken Nature Reserve in Boxtel. This area is known for the presence of red deer, which you will see during a walk over the lovely paths. From the house, you have wonderful views of the farmlands. It’s an ideal hideaway for a romantic overnight stay in the Brabant countryside.

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