A weekend of Van Gogh and New Dutch

Rianne Leenders
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  • Van Gogh-Roosegaarde fietspad

Innovative, persistent and just a bit of a rebel, North Brabant has long been a breeding ground for creative talent that likes to be just that bit different. A weekend break in North Brabant will bring you closer to icons from the art and design scene that both local and world-famous. Immerse yourself in New Dutch in Eindhoven and cycle in the footsteps of Van Gogh to picturesque Nuenen.

Day 1. Closer to Van Gogh

  • Fietser bij Van Gogh kerkje in Nuenen.

Learn from the grand master

How does light work and what do we really see when we look at it? There is no better way to discover that than through the eyes of Brabant’s master painter and light artist Vincent van Gogh. His intense search into the use of colour and light resulted in his first masterpiece in Nuenen: The Potato Eaters. Follow the junction route from the centre of Eindhoven through the Brabant countryside that inspired him so much. There are plenty of interesting places to stop on the way, including the unique Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path which has thousands of luminous stones and which was inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’.

Junctions: 99, 75, 68, 33, 34.

Van Gogh Village Museum

The end of this junction route takes you to the Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen. You will get closer to Van Gogh here with a personal glimpse into his life. Be sure not to miss Vincent’s Lightlab where you can discover perspective and light in this interactive experience, just as he did in his time.

Exterieur Van Gogh Village Museum Nuenen Van Gogh Village Museum
Still uit promofilm Vincents Lichtlab
  • Still uit promofilm Vincents Lichtlab

Enjoying good delicious food is all part of a weekend in North Brabant. For example you can stop for lunch at the historic Watermolen van Opwetten watermill, one of Van Gogh’s favourite painting subjects!

Watermolen van Opwetten in Nuenen

Van Gogh Cycle Route

Continue cycling from Nuenen along the Van Gogh Cycle Route. This route network comprises ten cycling loops past heritage sites that remind us of Van Gogh, all connected by open Brabant countryside. The route will treat you to the most picturesque landscapes which tell Van Gogh’s story. You will need a leisurely afternoon to do it!

The cycle route is fully marked by numbers, but if you want to do it a bit differently, take a left turn into the Hooijdonk by the lifting bridge at junction 72. This way you’ll take a slightly shorter route which will take you to the same finishing point via the Hooijdonk watermill, the Nederwetten Tower and the Vaderland gourmet farm. Van Gogh countryside through and through!

Rianne Leenders

"Want a break? Stop by at real Brabant addresses such as Knus bij Marie or De Dorpstuin in Beek en Donk."

More Van Gogh on your way

Day 2. Closer to New Dutch

  • Blob en Philips toren in Eindhoven
  • Eindhoven - Capital of Dutch Design, muurschildering

Nowhere will you get closer to innovate and creativity than in Eindhoven, and you can discover this for yourself. Thanks to the Design Academy Eindhoven and the annually recurring Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven has established itself internationally as the capital of popular Dutch design. A movement known for being innovative, idiosyncratic and sustainable, as well as focussing on the future.

Strolling around Strijp-S and Strijp-R

Keen to know where you can buy your own piece of Dutch design or watch the designers at work? Eindhoven Design District is where you should be! For your first introduction you should cycle to Strijp-S, just outside the city centre. Previously a Philips industrial area, it is now a vibrant neighbourhood where you will be spoiled for choice. Wander past concept stores, studios and trendy restaurants in old factory buildings. Just a bit further on, in Strijp-R you can immerse yourself in the world of Piet Hein Eek. Visit his shop and showroom and take a look in his workshop.

Shopping in Woensel-West

  • Eindhoven Volta Galvani in Woensel

From Strijp it’s just a short cycle ride past Philips de Jong park to Woensel-West, Eindhoven’s most colourful district. You can take a look inside at dozens of creative entrepreneurs in and around the Edisonstraat. From a shop selling LPs to a wine boutique and vintage shops; Woensel Westside Stores is highly recommended!

The final stop brings you back to the city centre. One place that all the people from Eindhoven know, and now you do also, is Fifth NRE. It’s the most energetic place in downtown Eindhoven. You can enjoy live music, wholesome meals, special beers or just a great cup of coffee in this former gas works.

Overnight stays in Eindhoven

Tips for a weekend away in North Brabant

If you didn’t bring a bike with you, you can rent an (electric) bike in Eindhoven at one of the rental locations, such as Velorent.

If you want to admire original works by Van Gogh, the Van Gogh exhibition in Het Noordbrabants Museum is a good enough reason to extend your weekend break with a visit to ‘s-Hertogenbosch. You can get there by train from Eindhoven in just under 20 minutes.

Anything you look for in North Brabant will be close at hand. You can visit EindhovenNuenen and also 's-Hertogenbosch in comfort from one central base.

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