Van Gogh cycling and walking routes

VAN GOGH CYCLING ROUTES - Cycle through the landscape that inspired Van Gogh

Cycle through the Brabant landscape that so inspired Van Gogh and visit Van Gogh locations throughout Brabant. You cannot get any closer to Vincent! Take your pick from no fewer than ten unique cycling routes.

The life and landscape of Brabant are what inspired the work of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). Vincent was born and grew up in Brabant. It’s also where he found inspiration, put his first sketches to paper, developed himself into a painter and created his first masterpiece: The Potato Eaters.

The Van Gogh cycle route has a total length of 435 kilometres over ten individual cycle routes. The routes are linked together by Van Gogh connecting routes. While cycling, you can enjoy the varied Brabant landscapes and visit the places that helped to shape Van Gogh.

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Recognisable signage

The Van Gogh cycle route is plotted via Brabant’s cycling interchange network. You will find a Van Gogh cycle route sign under each interchange sign.

Simply follow the Van Gogh cycle route signs from one numbered interchange to the next. Between interchanges, you should follow the signs for the interchange network.

VAN GOGH NP WALKING ROUTES - Follow in the footsteps of master painter Van Gogh

Discover the Van Gogh National Park. Enjoy the Brabant landscape of meandering streams, expansive nature reserves, farms, estates and greenery into the very heart of villages and towns. We work here together to create a beautiful, healthy and green environment in which to live and work – with Vincent van Gogh as our guide.

Van Gogh grew up and started his artistic career here. He was heavily inspired by nature and by the people of Brabant who worked the land. The Van Gogh NP walking routes are an opportunity to experience for yourself the locations that played such a special role in his life. Just like walking through a painting!

Discover Van Gogh heritage and the Brabant countryside that touched Van Gogh. It’s here that he found the inspiration for his masterpieces. Embark on a journey of discovery.

The Van Gogh NP walking routes have a total length of 63 kilometres over five walking routes in Nuenen, Zundert, Etten-Leur, Helvoirt and Tilburg. 

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Walk via interchanges

The Van Gogh NP walking routes are plotted along the walking interchange network in Brabant. You can identify the route by the small signs labelled ‘Van Gogh National Park’. You will find these signs at each interchange point.

Follow the arrows from one interchange to the next. Between interchanges, you should follow the signs for the walking interchange network.