7 of the best cities for shopping in North Brabant

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  • Winkelstraat Bergen op Zoom
  • Winkelcentrum Piazza Eindhoven
  • J'Adore Vintage Breda
  • Dwaalgebied in Tilburg

If you are going for a day of shopping in North Brabant, the shopping cities Eindhoven, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg and Breda will make sure you do not go home with empty hands. Helmond, Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal are also good for a successful day of shopping. Whichever city you choose, be sure to take the narrow streets, feel the atmosphere, meet creative entrepreneurs and return home with the best purchases. The shops in most North Brabant cities are open on Sunday as well!

1. 's-Hertogenbosch

There is no shortage of charming shopping streets in the capital city of North Brabant. For a successful day of shopping in Den Bosch (as it is called by the locals), stay in the city centre. The best hotspots are hidden behind the historic facades.

Uilenburg: Snellestraat and Vughterstraat

Unique shops and attractive lunch spots

Unique shops and attractive lunch spots

In the past, workers would come and go in the Uilenburg district with its stately warehouses. Now there are locals and visitors who come for the many unique shops and attractive lunch spots. Wander around at your leisure and enjoy the small businesses in the district. Do not, in any case, pass by Snellestraat or Vughterstraat. Snellestraat is teeming with fabulous concept stores like the OAK mini warehouse but familiar names like My Jewellery as well. Nor will you leave Vughterstraat empty-handed. From Wilhelminaplein up to the Markt, you will pass by dozens of clothes shops and gift shops with a great story, such as WAAR.

Straatje Uilenburg 's-Hertogenbosch 's-Hertogenbosch stelletje op brug Uilenburg


If you are looking for something for a special occasion, Verwerstraat in ‘s-Hertogenbosch’s city centre is famous for its exclusive businesses. Fashion, art and design meet here, from accessories and interior at Westside and RAW to a custom-made suit from Suitsupply.

The shops are open every Sunday in the city centre of Den Bosch.


“If you’re at Verwerstraat anyway, you might as well visit Het Noordbrabants Museum. Did you know that you can admire actual works by Vincent van Gogh here?”

2. Eindhoven

A day of shopping in the design capital of the Netherlands is always an experience. You will find all the familiar chain stores in Eindhoven and just as many addresses that have that special something that you will take home.

The Kleine Berg

Charming coffee shops and lunch cafes

Welcome to the ‘Quartier Latin’ of Eindhoven. The Bergen, in the city centre, proudly bears the title of the most attractive and artistic district. The centre of the Kleine Berg houses one of the city’s most fun shopping streets. You can spend hours among the many design shops that carry BYLOTTE’s brands and handmade items by Lamita Organic. If you have no more room in your wardrobe, take a seat at one of the charming coffee shops or lunch cafes, like Lucifer Coffee Roasters or Loods61.

Terras Lucifer in Eindhoven

Emma District

  • Blob en Philips toren in Eindhoven
  • Winkelcentrum Piazza Eindhoven
  • Piazza in Eindhoven

If you are in the centre of Eindhoven, be sure to take a right at Nieuwe Emmastraat. You can’t miss it because of the iconic ‘Blob’, the glass building that houses the Sissy-Boy Flagship Store. Innovative Eindhoven has attracted dozens of talented designers and ambitious shopkeepers in the streets along and around the Emmasingel. Be sure to walk on to the Piazza square, where De Bijenkorf is.

Eindhoven’s city centre is open every Sunday. Strijp-S and Woensel are open from Monday to Saturday.

Inge Ament

“Eindhoven has two other unique shopping areas just outside of the centre. The former Philips factory site Strijp-S has delightful studios and boutiques in an industrial setting. And the eclectic mix of brands, colours and tastes in Woensel WestSide Stores makes a trip to Edisonstraat a must!”

3. Tilburg

No shop is the same in the non-conformist city of Tilburg. Young and creative businesses invite you to stroll along the narrow streets.


Valhalla for shopaholics

Valhalla for shopaholics

The Dwaalgebied or roaming area delivers what the name promises. Near the busy shop streets and major chain stores, this area takes you on a shopping experience that you will not forget. Between Heuvelstraat and the railway line, small businesses that dream big have established themselves in stately 19th-century mansions. As a shopaholic, you will definitely benefit from this. You will leave the Dwaalgebied with a bag full of beautiful things. Be won over by the original gifts at Cool Bananas or quality fashion brands at Superfly. And take you time: there are plenty of nice places to stop for coffee along the route!

Dwaalgebied in Tilburg Shoppen in het Dwaalgebied in Tilburg


Once the epicentre of Tilburg’s industry and now the culinary boulevard of the city. But did you know that you can have a great time shopping here as well? Piushaven is within walking distance from the heart of the city centre and treats you to friendly shopping streets and marvellous places to refresh yourself with a good meal or a speciality beer.

Tilburg’s shops are open every Sunday, with the exception of a few small businesses in the Dwaalgebied.

4. Breda

Breda’s compact centre is perfect for a day of shopping in North Brabant. The shopping streets stretch out in all directions from the foot of the Grote Kerk (Church of Our Lady). For a pleasant day of shopping, the side streets (of which there are plenty in Breda) are the obvious choice.


  • Sint-Annastraat Breda
  • Shoppen in Sint-Annastraat Breda
  • J'Adore Vintage Breda

You need not leave the city centre to feel the atmosphere of creative Breda. Together, Veemarktstraat, St. Annastraat and St. Janstraat form the Veemarktkwartier, which is the place to be if you want to explore unique boutiques. Here small-scale businesses will greet you hospitably in their shop. Buy a beautiful houseplant at The Green Submarine, rummage through the daring collection of SAARBARBAARS or go home on your customised sneakers from FAWL Custom.

Inge Ament

“The Explore Creative Breda walking tour (5 km) takes you from the centre via het Veemarktkwartier to the creative fertile grounds of STEK. You will go past the best hotspots where entrepreneurs work sustainably and creatively.”


The major store chains in Breda can be found on Ginnekenstraat. But if you head south, going right to the end, you will automatically end up in Ginneken. This district is known for its many concept stores, exclusive brands and artisanal speciality shops. From children’s clothes at The Kids Corner and Loods Kids Store to fashion straight from Paris at JUUWL.

The shops in Breda’s city centre are open every Sunday. Some small businesses, like in the Ginneken district, are only open on the first Sunday of the month.

5. Helmond

One of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands

Helmond, which is close to Eindhoven, can also give you a successful day of shopping in North Brabant. Starting at Helmond Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands, you can walk to the Markt or to Elzas Passage where, in addition to various chains, there are also fun speciality shops to be found. If you are hungry, you will find the Italian speciality shop Il Borgo behind one of the oldest buildings at the Markt. Of course, if you are shopping in Helmond, the Vlisco Outlet Factory simply is a must. The Vlisco textile print workshop is famous worldwide for its colourful designs. You will find the most beautiful materials and items in the shop at Groenewoud 3, at walking distance from the centre.

Helmond’s shops are open every Sunday. The Vlisco shop is closed on Sunday.

Kasteel Helmond

6. Roosendaal

Because of its location close to the Belgian border, Roosendaal is ideal for those who cross the border for a day of shopping. Winkelcentrum Passage is perhaps the most unique shopping centre in the Netherlands. This covered shopping centre links Raadhuisstraat with the Nieuwe Markt and has been constructed entirely in a Venetian style. As you wander from shop to shop, admire the mosaic floors, the wrought-iron fencing and the stained-glass skylight.

The shops in Roosendaal are open every Sunday, both in the city centre and at the Designer Outlet.

Inge Ament

“Make your day of shopping in Roosendaal complete with a visit to Designer Outlet Roosendaal, just outside the city centre.”

7. Bergen op Zoom

  • Winkelstraat Bergen op Zoom
  • Winkelstraat Bergen op Zoom
  • Gevangenpoort Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom is not as well-known as a shopping city – but is all the more surprising as a result. Make a day of shopping a full day out in one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. There are plenty of unique boutiques tucked in among the chain stores, but the Vierkantje shopping area is a definite must. This delightful area is full of small-scale clothes shops, furniture shops and charming terraces for that well-earned break. It is here that you can view monuments such as the Markiezenhof (the oldest city palace in the Netherlands!) and the historic Gevangentoren or prison tower.

The shops in Bergen op Zoom are open every last Sunday of the month.

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