A four-day holiday in a motorhome in North Brabant

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  • Heusden vesting met molen

Cycling through a national park or strolling through fortified towns? Paintings, war history or just architecture? You don’t need to choose in North Brabant, there are extensive nature reserves and historic town centres just around the corner – always connected by the loveliest cycle routes. This is the chance to enjoy a short motorhome holiday the Brabant way: at a leisurely pace, with short distances, great places to stop and friendly motorhome pitches. Be inspired by a 4-day motorhome holiday.

Day 1. Heusden fortified town

  • Camperplaats Heusden
  • Heusden Vesting
  • Vestingstad Heusden van bovenaf

Why not start right away in one of the loveliest places in the Netherlands? The historic town of Heusden is part of Zuiderwaterlinie (Southern Water Defence Line) and at the end of the 16th century thousands of soldiers were stationed here. The restored ramparts look almost the same now as they did then, except that the picturesque streets and ancient buildings now house studios, galleries, speciality shops and good restaurants.

It’s easy to take a walk around the town from Camperplaats Heusden, where you will be staying overnight by the water. After checking in you can stroll through the town. You can find out more about the history of Heusden and surroundings in the old Gouverneurshuis (Governor’s House). If you prefer to go with a guide, that’s also possible, or you can step aboard a boat for a lovely river trip.

Intimate dining

Day 2. Loon and Drunen Dunes

Wherever you are in North Brabant, there is always a lovely nature reserve just around the corner. Really lovely, in fact, because the Loon and Drunen Dunes National Park is less than ten kilometres south of Heusden. You can stand up to your ankles in the towering drifting sand dunes in this unique nature reserve in no time from your motorhome pitch.

Wandelen in de Loonse-en Drunense Duinen Meertje in de Loonse-en Drunense Duinen

Loon and Drunen Dunes

You can explore the National Park from one of the ‘nature gates’, such as the De Rustende Jager, De Roestelberg or De Drie Linden. Parking is easy here, you can choose one of the many walking and cycling routes and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat.


"Maybe stay an extra night in Heusden? There is a lovely cycle route from the motorhome site to the Loon and Drunen Dunes. Bear in mind you will be cycling for about 50 kilometres if you also cycle through the park."

Walking or cycling?

If you want to see the park at its best, follow the Loon and Drunen Dunes cycle route (43 km) from the Rustende Jager restaurant. If you prefer to walk, you will see sand dunes, heathland, woods and expanses of water on the TOP Nature Route Loon and Drunen Dunes (16 km). The route starts at the Loon op Zand Natuurpoort (Nature Gate) and takes you past the De Roestelberg restaurant where you can enjoy a tasty lunch.

After a wonderful day surrounded by nature it’s just a short drive to Den Bosch motorhome site, a great base for exploring North Brabant’s capital city. Maybe you still have enough energy to sample the atmosphere this evening? The Korte Putstraat and the picturesque Uilenburg area are bursting with great restaurants.

Day 3. 's-Hertogenbosch

Today you can explore one of the oldest medieval cities in the Netherlands. It’s less than a 5 km cycle ride from the motorhome site to the town centre. On your way you will see St. John’s Cathedral towering above the city. The largest cathedral in the Netherlands is even more impressive the closer you get. Be sure to take a look inside. You can step into a whisper boat in Uilenburg for a trip along the Binnendieze subterranean waterway. You are actually sailing under the city of 's-Hertogenbosch, and your captain will have plenty of unusual stories to tell you on the way.

Bossche Bol van Jan de Groot
Time for a break?

"Find a pavement cafe where they serve the genuine Bossche Bol pastry. Tip: forget your fork and use your fingers!"

Museumkwartier Den Bosch

Den Bosch, as the capital city is often called, is inextricably linked with culture. That’s not surprising, with Hieronymus Bosch as the city’s namesake. Het Noordbrabants Museum is located in the Museumkwartier and contains original works by artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Jan Sluijters. The same building also houses the Design Museum Den Bosch.

Parade met in de verte een groep mensen wijzend naar de kathedraal Het Noordbrabants Museum Jonge bezoekers bij kindergedenkteken met audiotour

Cycling in and around 's-Hertogenbosch

It’s worth getting on your bike on a nice day and exploring the countryside that surrounds the city. If you head south, you will immediately get to the Bossche Broek, a beautiful area of greenery and water which stretches as far as the IJzeren Man recreational lake. You will pass by Camp Vught National Monument on your way. You can stop here and take a thought-provoking audio tour of the only former SS concentration camp in the Netherlands.

Continue on the route around the IJzeren Man and pass by the longest beach in North Brabant, then through woodland to the centre of Vught. Be sure to visit the architectural masterpiece DePetrus. This historic church nowadays houses the library and the Vught Museum. You can dine and drink in style at the Grand Café Hemels Vught right next to the church. From here it’s about 6 kilometres to the motorhome pitch in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Day 4. Heeswijk Castle

Already it’s your last day, but your journey back home can easily be a new experience. A fairytale castle comes into view just a 20-minute drive from the motorhome site in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Heeswijk Castle is another beautiful highlight in North Brabant. The drawbridge, moat, castle towers and gardens make this one of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands.

Heeswijk Castle is also a ‘Nature Gate’ with lovely walks on and around the estate. Or maybe it’s time to get on your bikes? You can enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee with a tasty treat on the terrace of the Barones café in Het Koetshuis (Coach House). What a great way to round off your short motorhome trip around North Brabant!

Bezoekers lopen naar binnen bij Kasteel Heeswijk Kasteel Heeswijk Kasteel Heeswijk met deel van de tuin Fietsers fietsen langs Kasteel Heeswijk
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