TOP 10 Scenic Routes

The most beautiful spots in Brabant

Walking through ancient forests, cycling along a maze of meandering rivers and losing yourself in exciting stories and rich history. Brabant is an absolute TOP destination when it comes to natural scenery. Here you can enjoy peace, quiet and space in every season.

Stroll over the wooden walkway on the Cartierheide heath, take your kids into the adventurous play forest at Mastbos, or combine your trip with a visit to interesting museums and charming villages. Moreover, there is plenty of wildlife to spot, and you can enjoy the welcoming cafes and restaurants along the route, too.

Whether you want to go cycling, walking, hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding, there is so much to discover. Where to start? Well, here! Take a look at these TOP 10 Scenic Routes in Brabant; routes that are not to be missed.

TOP Scenic routes

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