10 unique architectural highlights from around Brabant

From a suspended bicycle roundabout to an events hall in the shape of an alien UFO, North Brabant boasts a large number of architectural highlights. We’ve gathered together the most unique hotspots for you. Don't forget your camera when you visit these structures, because they are certainly photogenic!

1. Spherical Houses (Bolwoningen) - ’s-Hertogenbosch

’s-Hertogenbosch is full of unusual architecture, both literally and figuratively! These futuristic spherical houses were designed by architect Dries Kreijkamp. You will find no fewer than 50 of these tiny houses in the Maaspoort district. A field of mushrooms, a box of Bossche Bollen pastries, Area 51... it’s not clear what inspired Kreijkamp, but these houses are certainly unusual! What’s more, they are environmentally friendly.

2. Evoluon – Eindhoven

It’s as if a flying saucer landed on the ground in Brabant. The Evoluon is without doubt the most unique building you will come across in the city of Eindhoven. What’s more, this architectural wonder has never been equalled anywhere in the world. It was built by Philips in 1966 and was a museum for science and technology until 1989. After having served as a conference centre for several years, the Evoluon is reverting to its former function: a museum about the future of our planet.

3. Tilburg Station

Ding, ding ... the next stop in this list is Tilburg Station! The railway station in Tilburg is renowned for its floating canopy, an eyecatcher which is known locally as the ‘prawn cracker roof’. Next to this unique railway station you can admire all types of industrial heritage in the Spoorzone (Railway Zone). Old railway workshops have been transformed into revived concepts such as the LocHal, Gourmet Market Central Station and the Hall of Fame.

4. Poort van Breda (Breda Gate)

These striking buildings will certainly catch your attention as you walk through the Valkenberg Park in Breda. The Breda Gate is a residential complex with two towers, one round and one square. The original design included an observatory in the dome, but in the end a luxury penthouse was installed here.

5. Hovenring – Veldhoven

A flying roundabout for bicycles is suspended from a 70 metre high pylon. This exclusive roundabout allows cyclists and pedestrians to move from Eindhoven to Veldhoven unhindered, and without having to cross a busy traffic intersection. The innovative Hovenring is guaranteed to give you an unusual cycling experience.

6. Cube houses – Helmond

North Brabant is home to houses in all shapes and sizes, with something for everyone. Helmond has 21 of these unusual cube houses, designed by Piet Blom. After completing construction in 1977 he developed a liking for them and in 1984 he went on to build another 38 cube houses in Rotterdam. You will certainly need a creative mind if you want to furnish these cubes resting on a column, but they are definitely cosy!

7. Kempentoren – Tilburg

This 37 metre high tower in Spoorpark in Tilburg proudly looks out across the Spoorgebied district. The view from the top of the Kempentoren tower is magnificent and certainly worth climbing the 192 steps. In good weather you can see as far as Breda, Geertruidenberg and Hilvarenbeek. There is a ‘smaller’ version of this tower, built in the same style and known as ‘d’n Flaestoren’ (Bottle Tower) on the De Utrecht Estate in Esbeek.

8. Chassé Theater – Breda

You will find the largest (film) theatre in the south of the country in Breda. With no fewer than three theatre auditoriums and restaurants, the Chassé Theater is a popular location for culture lovers. Its imaginative appearance means the cultural show begins as soon as you catch sight of the building. Architect Herman Hertzberger described the Chassé Theater as the ‘most exuberant’ building he ever designed.

9. Paleiskwartier (Palace District) - ’s-Hertogenbosch

The Paleiskwartier next to the Central Station in 's-Hertogenbosch is a great example of inner city life; a bustling place where people live and work. The striking, bold architecture in this part of Den Bosch will not go unnoticed. It includes a cinema, hotel and various culinary hotspots.

10. Blob – Eindhoven

The Blob is another unusual gem on the Eindhoven street scene. Blob stands for Binary Large Object, which in computer terms means a spaghetti-like mixture of data. You will come across this innovative masterpiece on the ’18 September Square’ right in the middle of the city. The 25 metre high organically shaped building is made from glass and steel and forms the entrance to De Admirant shopping centre.

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