Our Monastery Trail

Walk along monasteries and abbeys in Brabant

Monastic life has brought much to North Brabant. Get to know the life and work of the Brabant monks and nuns, then and now. Our Monastery Trail takes you past fifty (former) monasteries and abbeys in Brabant in fifteen stages. There are also beautiful shorter walks around many of the monasteries and convents. You can find the stages and circular walks on this page.

Experience monastic life

Of the more than 660 buildings in North Brabant that served as monasteries, 450 are still in existence. Many of these buildings have since been given a different use. They have become hotels, museums, retreat centres, homes, offices and more. But some are and will continue to be monastaries.

Our Monastery Trail is a 330-kilometre walking route which passes these existing and former monasteries. Walking past fifty locations and through the beautiful surrounding countryside, you will become acquainted with monastic life in North Brabant.

  • Ons Kloosterpad
  • Ons Kloosterpad - gewelven klooster
  • Ons Kloosterpad - natuur rondom kloosters
  • Ons Kloosterpad - interieur klooster

Circular walks

There are beautiful circular walks around many of the monasteries and convents along Our Monastery Trail, varying from 2.5 to 12 kilometres. These walks start and end at the same monastery.

All routes make use of the local numbered junction network. The circular walks will be published on this page during this year.

View all the circular walks here


Our Monastery Trail is 330 kilometres long and consists of fifteen stages, varying from 16.5 to 28 kilometres in length. You can walk the stages separately, from monastery to monastery. There are even a number of monasteries where you can stay overnight. That way you can make it a multi-day hike.


View all the stages here

Staying overnight

A number of monasteries along the route have the option of staying the night. Always check in advance what is possible, some monasteries are only open on certain days. There are also other accommodations along the route such as monastery hotels, often with a connection to monastic life. For all locations and up-to-date information, please visit brabantskloosterleven.nl (Dutch language).