Eight reasons to visit Vincent's Homeland

Anyone who is interested in Vincent van Gogh should not miss Brabant. Van Gogh was born in Brabant and lived and worked there for a major part of his life. And that shaped him as a person and a painter. Discover for yourself the places in Brabant where you can see the traces he left behind. 

1.    Vincent’s birth place

Back to the place where Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853. The Van GoghHuis (Van Gogh House) in Zundert holds wonderful memories of Vincent’s younger years. Imagine yourself in the Van Gogh family’s living room. Tip: combine your visit with a walk through Zundert or over the Oude Buisse Heide, the place where Vincent wandered for hours in his younger years.

2.    Discover Van Gogh by bike!

What could be more enjoyable than discovering the world of Van Gogh by bike! The Van Gogh Cycle Route goes through five different Brabant municipalities all with a special connection to Van Gogh: Zundert, Tilburg, Etten-Leur, Nuenen and 's-Hertogenbosch. The route comprises 335 kilometres, but you can also take a shorter route. Download the route map directly via Routes in Brabant.

3.    Visit Van Gogh Village

The village of Nuenen is synonymous with Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s very first masterpiece – The Potato Eaters – was painted there in 1885. In the Vincentre museum you will get to know all about Van Gogh as a person and you can see his development into a world-famous artist. And that is not all! With no fewer than 23 locations that evoke memories of Vincent, Nuenen can rightly call itself ‘Van Gogh Village‘. 

4.    Draw in the style of Vincent

The place where Vincent learnt to draw: the Willem II High School. Thousands of children find their way to Vincent’s Tekenlokaal (Vincent’s Art Room) every year. Visit the replica classroom and learn to draw in the style of Van Gogh. Should you want to make your experience complete then walk the same route that Vincent took from his boarding house to school. Take note: the art room is open by appointment only.

5.    Discover the Noordbrabants Museum

For the story of Brabant, you need to go to Noordbrabants Museum in 's-Hertogenbosch. Admire original Van Gogh paintings in the Vincent van Gogh pavilion. This is where you can learn more about Van Gogh’s origins in Brabant and his fascination with peasant life. Recommended for young and old! 

6.    The most innovative cycle path in the Netherlands

Experience the most innovative and artistic cycle path in the Netherlands! The 600-metre-long Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Cycle Route – situated between Eindhoven and Nuenen – has thousands of stones that light up in the dark. It was inspired by the world famous Starry Night. A cycle path has never been so romantic…   

7. Spend the night in Van Gogh style

Imagine: you have travelled around Brabant all day long soaking up the atmosphere of Van Gogh… and in the evening, you arrive at your accommodation that is decorated in the style of the master himself. It’s possible! Brabant has a total of five Van Gogh design locations where you can spend a wonderful night, these include Recreatiepark DuinhoeveStreekpark Klein Oisterwijk and Vakantiepark Herperduin.


8.   Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur

After his attempts at being an art dealer, teacher and pastor, Vincent moved back in with his parents in Etten at the age of 28. It is not only the place where he fell in love for the first time, it is also where he decided to pursue his dream of being an artist. The Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur holds wonderful reminders of his life and family, such as the original pulpit used by his father Theodorus van Gogh.