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Visiting the region Breda, Etten-Leur and Oudenbosch is an absolute treat. Combine the fantastic city of Breda - with its many highlights and unique accommodation options - with historical sites such as the Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur or the Basilica in Oudenbosch.

Indulge yourself in some culinary delights in one of the many restaurants and stay the night in the city or in the countryside. Want to discover more in the West-Brabant region? Then you can also take a look at: Surroundings of Bergen op Zoom: from Moses bridge to a town full of monuments and Island hopping in De Biesbosch and strolling along historical sites.


The hospitable town of Breda is a great place to visit. In the 15th and 16th centuries the Dutch royal family Nassau resided in Breda for 150 years. They gave the city royal allure, which is still visible today through the city's most important landmark: the Grote Kerk Church

In the Stedelijk Museum Breda you get a good picture of Breda from the middle ages till now. Would you rather discover the city with a walking tour along remarkable murals? Then choose the Blind Walls Gallery, a most interesting museum that’s right there on the street.

Go on a journey through the hidden rooms in the old theatre of Holy Moly, an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. In Breda you are guaranteed hours of shopping fun, after which you can relax in city park Valkenberg or the Mastbos woods. But it is also fun to discover the city from the water, with a relaxing boat trip on the canals with Bootje Varen Breda

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The charming village of Etten-Leur is just a fifteen-minute drive from Breda. This is where you can find the Van Gogh Church, where the father of world-famous painter Vincent van Gogh used to preach. It was here that Vincent entered his profession as painter in the population register in 1881.

In Etten-Leur there are a number of places and buildings which remind us of the Master painter, such as the verger's house where Van Gogh's parents lived for seven years and the Van Gogh Wall next to the Van Gogh Church. The dozens of sketches and drawings give a good impression of Van Gogh's life.

Have all the activities made you hungry? Opposite the Van Gogh church you will find Vincents, a bistro and three-star hotel in one. Zundert, a little further on, is the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh. You can visit the location where Vincent grew up and take a look inside museum Vincent van GoghHuis. Here you will also find the grave of his brother, also named Vincent.

Did you know that there is a Van Gogh cycle route in Brabant? Cycle through the Brabant landscape that inspired Van Gogh so much and visit all the Van Gogh locations in North Brabant. You can't get any closer to Vincent than this! The Van Gogh cycle route in Brabant consists of 435 km of pleasurable cycle paths, divided into ten unique routes. Highly recommended! 

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    Van Gogh Kerk Etten-Leur
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    Vincent van Goghmuur bij Van Gogh Kerk Etten-Leur.
  • Vincents Bistro & Hotel

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Oudenbosch is one of the most beautiful villages in North Brabant and especially known for its Basilica of the Saints Agatha and Barbara. Most of the basilica is a copy of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. A narrow staircase takes you up to the top where you can admire the beautiful paintings in the dome up close.

The basilica is free to visit, but you can also opt for a guided tour. Combine your visit with a walking tour to discover other special places in Oudenbosch, such as Oudenbosch Arboretum.


Baarle-Hertog-Nassau may possibly well be the most remarkable village in the world. The reason: in the village there are at least 30 pieces of Belgium and the Netherlands interwoven. Of the 64 enclaves in the world, almost half of them are located here! Baarle-Hertog-Nassau is not located precisely on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium, with a straight border running down one street. Rather, the border runs criss-cross through roads, gardens and houses. There is even a house with both a Dutch house number and a Belgian one.

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