De Peel: mother nature at her most beautiful

Closer to never-ending natural beauty in De Peel

In the far southeast of North Brabant and on the border with Limburg lies De Peel. A beautiful and varied nature reserve with impenetrable peat bogs, vast plains, picturesque fens and impressive sand ridges. De Peel is a paradise for nature lovers, surrounded by authentic Dutch country villages like Asten, Geldrop and Heeze. And not to forget the city of Helmond

Explore the surroundings and enjoy a lunch, dinner or unique overnight stay. Or combine your visit with De Kempen, Eindhoven or Nuenen. Take a look at these articles: The Brabant Kempen region: natural beauty at its best or Discover Vincent's Homeland and visit the City of Design


The Netherlands used to have many huge, almost impassable moors, but unfortunately most of them ended up disappearing into ovens and stoves as dried peat, 'De Peel’s gold'. De Deurnese Peel, De Mariapeel and De Groote Peel remained. The area is internationally recognized as a wetland. It is of great importance for all kinds of marshland and water birds. For that reason De Groote Peel has been recognised as a national park since 1993.

In Asten, on the edge of National Park De Groote Peel, lies Museum Klok & Peel. This museum has found a unique way to showcase how National Park De Groote Peel has developed over the past ten thousand years. The museum also has the largest collection of swinging bells and carillons in the world. Highly recommended!

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    Museum Klok & Peel


The nearest city in this region is Helmond, with the largest moated castle in the Netherlands in its centre: Castle Helmond, also part of Museum Helmond. And Helmond offers more sights such as the innovative 45-degree cube houses and the district of Brandevoort, with its unique architectural style and many camera-friendly spots. 

In the village of Gemert, just north of Helmond, you will find the Boerenbondsmuseum (Farmers' museum), a location not to be missed. This open-air museum about life in the countryside of Brabant around the year 1900 has been voted the best (family) outing in Brabant more than once! Have all these activities made you hungry? Restaurant Herberg De Brabantse Kluis, in the village of Aarle-Rixtel, awaits you. This restaurant neighbours a still-practicing convent with a museum, a beautiful garden, a guesthouse and more. Enjoy the lowing of the convent’s cows and discover why Brabant is known for its hospitality.

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