8 dog-friendly accommodation and off-lead areas in the Brabant countryside!

A weekend away is not complete without your trusted four-legged friend. That’s why you can take them with you during your holiday in North Brabant! Let your dog run free in the woods and enjoy a comfortable stay together at one of the many pet-friendly addresses. We have made a list for you of the eight best nature areas and accommodation – where your dog will spontaneously start wagging its tail.

Take note of the ‘Dogs on the lead’ signs you will encounter in the nature areas listed below, because you are not allowed to let your dog off the lead everywhere in the areas.

1. Herperduin Holiday Park– Herperduin woodland

Herperduin Holiday Park is a charming family park where your dog will also have a wonderful time! Spend the night in a cosy bungalow, adventurous safari tent or come in your own home on wheels. You must keep your dog on the lead at the holiday park but in Herperduin woodland – part of De Maashorst nature reserve – your four-legged friend can run free in various designated off-lead areas. If your dog likes swimming, the Klompven (recreational lake) – right behind the holiday park  – will be a paradise for your dog and therefore for you too!

  • Uitkijktoren Herperduin in de Maashorst
  • Vakantiepark Herperduin
  • Vakantiepark Herperduin
  • Vakantiepark Herperduin - Hond

2. HUP Hotel – Strabrechtse Heide

HUP is the sportiest hotel in the Netherlands! It is situated in the wooded town of Mierlo, just near Eindhoven. With the ‘Dogs rule’ package, you and your dog are guaranteed a fabulous stay. Here, dogs are allowed in the hotel lobby, Sports Bar and of course in your hotel room. If you have not had enough exercise in this sporty hotel, a walk in the nearby nature reserve is highly recommended! At a 15-minute drive from the HUP, you will find the beautiful Strabrechtse Heide. The Leende Drifting Sand Route covering 2.6 kilometres runs through the off-lead area making it a great place to explore with your furry friend.   

  • HUP hotel
  • HUP Hotel hond
  • Strabrechtse Heide - Hond

3. Recreatiepark Duinhoeve – Loonse en Drunense Duinen

You can experience genuine Brabant hospitality at Recreatiepark Duinhoeve. Everyone is welcome here, including your dog. You can camp here in a traditional way or, if you are more of a luxury glamping type you can stay in a spacious chalet or safari tent. This pet-friendly recreational park borders the Loon and Drunen Dunes National Park, where you will encounter several off-lead walking routes and an off-lead area. This ‘Brabant Sahara’ is a life-size sand pit for your curious four-legged friend who can have a fun time running around and playing with other dogs. The off-lead area is a 10-minute walk from the recreational park. Moreover, your dog can go for a lovely swim here in the small pond.

  • Recreatiepark Duinhoeve
  • Loonse en Drunense Duinen
  • Loonse en Drunense Duinen

4. De Kempervennen – Leenderbos

At Center Parcs De Kempervennen you can have a great ‘animaltastic’ holiday with your dog. A maximum of two pets are allowed per cottage. You must keep dogs on the lead at the park itself, but they can run free by the lakes at the park. From Westerhoven – south of Eindhoven – you can get to the Leenderbos in no time. It is a vast nature reserve with pines forests, heathlands and sandy plains. At the Molenheide off-lead area, four-legged friends can sniff around freely.

5. Charme Camping Hartje Groen – De Maashorst

Charme Camping Hartje Groen lies hidden in the woods, amidst De Maashorst nature reserve. The name ‘Hartje Groen’ or ‘Green Heart’ in English, says it all, as here you find yourself in a green oasis of calm. This campsite is also a Brabant Bicycle Cafe, with all kinds of additional amenities for cycling fanatics! The park has several types of accommodation where your dog is welcome. Stay in one of the pet-friendly Tiny Houses at the campsite or enjoy an exceptional stay in Cabin ANNA in the Holenbergbos. From there, you and your four-legged friend can brave the unspoilt countryside of the ancient woods of De Maashorst and you can go on an adventure together in the off-lead areas.

  • Charme Camping Hartje Groen
  • Charme Camping Hartje Groen
  • Maashorst

6. Hotel Nassau Breda – Mastbos

A heavenly hotel experience on Catholic ground. That is what you get at Hotel Nassau Breda! You and your dog will be pampered in luxury in this complex of exceptional national monuments in one of Breda’s oldest streets. Dogs are allowed in the hotel’s public areas but not in the restaurant or bar. From the hotel, you can get to the Mastbos within a 10-minute drive. Here, a special 4 kilometre Snuffle route has been marked out for your little friend. Follow the blue signs with a dog’s head on them and see who is first to discover the dog pond.

7. Camping de Paal – Natuurpoort TerSpegelt

You will find the best 5-star campsite of the Netherlands in Bergeijk in Brabant. At Camping de Paal, you and your dog can enjoy a fantastic holiday filled with adventure. There is plenty to do at the park itself, ranging from a subtropical indoor pool, petting zoo, cyclocross track to a restaurant with delicious dishes. From the park, you walk via the Paaldreef towards the an off-lead walking route covering 1.5km with play equipment. Would you like to explore more of the surrounding area? Go explore the Brabant Campine. Natuurpoort TerSpegelt is the ideal starting point for your walk. The Eersel Off-lead Walking Route, starts here, and your dog can play and run around to their heart’s content. 

  • Camping de Paal
  • Camping de Paal
  • Natuurpoort TerSpegelt

8. Landschapscamping de Graspol – Vressels Bos

Landschapscamping de Graspol is a beautiful and quiet campsite. Located by River Dommel in Nijsel, it is the perfect starting point for nature lovers. Separate camping pitches have been designated for dogs and their owners. Moreover, there is a dogs’ playing field at the campsite where dogs can snuffle around freely and play with other dogs. Your dog can also go for a swim in the Dommel in the adjacent Vressels Bos. 

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