4 cities in Brabant that are bursting with creativity

Close to industrial hotspots, cool events and unique design locations... North Brabant has countless creative spots where old and new come together. Discover the greatest creative hotspots in four of Brabant’s cities, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Breda and ’s-Hertogenbosch, and find inspiration in some tips from our locals. Want to see more tips from locals or to ask them a question? Visit visitbrabant.com/askalocal


Eindhoven is the ‘city of design’ and a good place for a weekend break. There’s a constant vibe of creativity, with original design hotspots and unique events, including Dutch Design Week every October and lichtkunstfestival GLOW light festival every November. 

At Strijp-S, the former Philips factory site, you can wander around and dine amidst the industrial heritage. Descend into the Pastry Club, the erstwhile machine room, and be amazed by its ‘sweet design’, or climb upwards into the unrefined world of Radio Royaal. Alternatively, sample the most unusual ice cream flavours you’ve ever come across at Intelligentia Taste Rooms. 

Another lively but slightly less well-known spot in Eindhoven is the NRE site, on the edge of the city centre. On the site of the old gas works, Restaurant Fifth offers delicious meals in beautiful industrial surroundings.


If you last visited Tilburg ten years ago, you’ll not recognise it today, following tremendous creative redevelopment. Discover unique museums, the Spoorpark with its spectacular observation tower and Piushaven, where lavish enjoyment takes on its own unique meaning. 

Piushaven is the perfect place for lunch, dinner or a drink in a restaurant, on a terrace or even in a boat. From a drink at Stadsbrouwerij 013 to dinner at RAK, from a luxurious smorgasbord of snacks at GOOD MOOD to culinary surprises from Chef Hein at Harboury.

There’s also the Spoorzone, a colourful area and another great spot for a bite to eat. At Houtloods restaurant, you’ll be seated so close to the kitchen that you can sneak a peek over the chef’s shoulders. Gourmet Market Central Station has no fewer than sixteen food concepts under one roof, while in Eetbar De Wagon, you can dine in an old train carriage dating from 1930. Want somewhere original to stay the night? The Tiny Houses by Hostel Roots are highly recommended.


Breda is a bustling Royal city brimming with cool hotspots. Discover the stories behind the city at the Blind Walls Gallery, which now features more than 100 murals spread throughout the city. Alternatively, consider Breda Photo, a versatile and innovative photography event held every two years in September and October. 

The Haveneiland at Belcrum Haven is also highly recommended, whether with your toes in the sand, chilling at the skate part or enjoying an ice-cold special beer on the quayside.  Anything is possible at spots including Belcrum Beach, BRACK and PIER15.

Don’t forget to check out the creative site at STEK as well. Stroll around the shops and enjoy a tasty lunch at Proef. It’s a place where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to realise their dreams – it’s something you can feel and taste!


’s-Hertogenbosch is known for its beautiful historical buildings, mediaeval streets and master painter Hieronymus Bosch. But, the capital of Brabant has a lot more to offer – trendy design locations, unique museums, boutiques and quaint streets of terraces and hospitality!

The Tramkade is a unique location full of entrepreneurs who like to do things a little differently. And that produces unusual concepts. Combine comfort food and beer with retro games at Barkade, visit the Bossche Brouwers and discover the challenging formulas of De Lekkere Man and Restaurant Van Aken. 

Shopping enthusiast? Make sure to visit the ‘dwaalstraatjes’ in the city centre, streets just great for strolling along – Uilenburg, Vughterstraat, Snellestraat and Verwerstraat, where you’ll find plenty of boutiques, trendy shops and cosy terraces. One thing is undoubtedly true – ’s-Hertogenbosch is certainly somewhere that you can spend a weekend.

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