11x wake up in the middle of the Brabant countryside!

Nothing can be as relaxing as waking up in the middle of the countryside! The chirping of the birds, the sound of rippling water and the rustling of leaves… just thinking about this is enough to give you a zen-like feelings. Luckily, Brabant has a lot of exceptional accommodation where you can stay overnight and feel totally relaxed. Enjoy all the beautiful things mother nature can offer! Be inspired for your forthcoming trips and plan your next holiday or weekend break right now.


RCN De Flaasbloem offers young families the perfect address for a wonderful holiday, right in the middle of the countryside and with a unique combination of woods, water and beach. There is a lovey 2 hectare recreational lake in the park with a wonderful beach, spacious lawns, triple slide and water playground. You can cycle from RCN de Flaasbloem directly into the Chaam woods. The Ulvenhoutse, Alphense Bergen and Generaals woods near Alphen all form part of this. Together they form a stunning combination of ancient trees, marshy grasslands, brooks and heathland with small pools.

  • Vakantiepark Flaasbloem
  • Recreatieplas bij RCN de Flaasbloem
  • Accommodatie RCN de Flaasbloem


Charme Camping Hartje Groen lies hidden in the woods in the middle of De Maashorst, the largest continuous nature reserve in Brabant. De Maashorst is an ancient homeland to various large grazing animals, an extremely unusual natural phenomenon in the water table, and lovely cycling, walking and bridle routes through extensive woods and heathland. The natural campsite is especially suitable for young families and parents with (grand)children, thanks to its natural play areas, the ‘Docus the Badger’ adventure trail, the large play area with a cableway, and the Binnenpret play area.

  • Charme Camping Hartje Groen
  • Charme Camping Hartje Groen, kinderen slingeren aan touw over het water.
  • Charme Camping Hartje Groen, jongetje op skelter.


Escape from pressures of everyday life and relax in the countryside. That’s possible, at Breehes Campsite you will be staying with the farmer; every child’s dream! There’s always something to do on the farm; from horse riding and clambering around in the playground to cuddling the farm animals. Anything is possible here! The Gorp & Rovert nature reserve is just a few minutes’ walk away. You can also take a walk through the Regte Heide heathland, west of the nature reserve, and enjoy the lovely Riels Laag and visit the ‘Nieuwkerk Estate’ with its beautiful monastery.


Herperduin Holiday Park is a spaciously appointed bungalow park with large villas, romantic bungalows and fully equipped safari tents in the woods. Dogs are also welcome here; there is even a special area for them run around in. Children can enjoy themselves in the (heated) indoor-outdoor swimming pool, in the natural woodland playground or in the gigantic sand dunes. Herperduin Holiday Park is also a perfect base for exploring the surroundings. Cycle along the Maasdijk past villages and small historic towns in the area. Or visit De Maashorst nature reserve, the Appeltern Gardens, the fortified towns of Ravenstein, Megen and Grave, or possibly the medieval centre of ’s-Hertogenbosch.

  • Vakantiepark Herperduin

5. De Kas InN

While you may be surprised to be sleeping in a greenhouse, that is what the Dutch word ‘kas’ actually means. And it is located on the edge of the Biesbosch National Park! Fully equipped with two sleeping areas, a private bathroom, kitchen, lounging area, dining area and two private terraces, staying at this unusual accommodation is luxurious. Because it is surrounded by windows, it feels like you are actually camping outdoors. And there are enough other things to explore in the area. Visit the Biesbosch Museum Island or take a refreshing dip at the day beach, De Kurenpolder, in Hank.

  • De Kas InN in Hank
  • De Kas InN in Hank
  • De Kas InN in Hank

6. CenterParcs De Kempervennen

At Center Parcs De Kempervennen, you wake up bobbing on the water in a real houseboat! Who wouldn’t want that? It simply is not possible to be bored at Center Parcs. There is so much to experience at the holiday park that you cannot see it all in one day. The true daredevils can go zip lining, the game fanatics can enjoy themselves in Gametown, the winter sports enthusiasts can ski down the slopes in Montana Snow Center, the water rats can live it up in the subtropical swimming pool and the true connoisseurs can tickle their taste buds in one of the many catering establishments. The holiday park is right next to De Malpie, a huge nature reserve, which is also certainly worth a visit!

7. The Schapenhut Marina

There not many spots where it is really quiet at night. It is at the Schapenput Marina! You wake up on the Steenbergsche Vliet, in the great outdoors, on your own eco-raft. What makes this location particularly nice is that each eco-raft has its own whisper boat that allows you to explore the surroundings. You could, for example, take the Hollands Diep to the Willemstad fortification, go over the Mark towards Oudenbosch and visit the imposing Oudenbosch Basilica. Fort de Roovere, next to Halsteren, is also nearby. From there, you can cross the water, taking the Moses Bridge, without getting your feet wet, or brave the 129 steps to the Pompejus watchtower, which guarantees a stunning view.

8. D’n Mastendol Recreational Park

Want to leave the everyday frenzy for what it is and become one with nature? Then you must come to D’n Mastendol Recreational Park. You sleep in a very special spot: in the top of a tree, in a cabin in the woods or in a hiker’s hut. Would you rather bring your own house on wheels? That’s possible, since the park does have a wonderful family campsite with large pitches. There is plenty to do in this park. You can swim in a heated swimming pool, romp in the large natural playground or hunt foxes with the activity team. D’n Mastendol is in Rijen, very conveniently located for a visit to Breda and Tilburg and to the iconic theme parks Efteling andBeekse Bergen.

9. The Barendonk Estate

To get a taste of rural life, you must go to The Barendonk Estate. Located in an area teeming with nature between the villages Beers and Mill, this estate is characterised by its rich history, which goes back to 1484. What makes this accommodation unique is that this recreation destination is combined with running a dairy farm. There are various accommodations to choose from. You can sleep above the old horse stalls in the Horse Lodge. You can wake up in a real box bed in the cosy Coach House. The Flemish Shed is able to house large groups comfortably. With the estate as a base, various hiking routes have been mapped out, and there is even a gnome path for the youngest globetrotters! If you are in the area anyway, you must not miss a visit to the Overloon War Museum or BillyBird Park Hemelrijk. A visit to the fortified cities Grave and Ravenstein is also recommended.

10. Kampinastaete

Kampinastaete lies in the centre of the beautiful Oisterwijk Forests, surrounded by 80 beautiful fens and located on the edge of the vast nature reserve, the Kampina. Do you want to go back to nature but do so comfortably? Then Kampinastaete is the right place for you. You sleep in a cosy but luxurious cottage, suitable for 2 to 4 people. To reconnect with the hustle and bustle of daily life, visit the picturesque village Oisterwijk. It has many cute boutiques and pavements cafes – all in green surroundings. There is a reason for Oisterwijk being called a Pearl among the greenery! If you are in the area anyway, you must certainly visit Leerfabriek KVL. It is an old leather factory that has been renovated into a trendy hot spot, where you could run into the one and only Robèrt van Beckhoven. You can also sample the pastries at the Keuken van Leerrestaurant.

11. In De Hei

To experience an atmosphere that is typical of Brabant, you must stay at In De Hei! It is a beautiful rural Bed & Breakfast in Mariahout. Surrounded by forests and meadows, it is an ideal place to slow down. You stay in a former milking parlour that has been completely renovated into comfortable accommodations. It is also possible to stay in one of the luxurious glamping tents of the Farm Stay Bed & Breakfast, which collaborates with B&B In De Hei. Want to go for a walk? You could rent an E-walking bike from the B&B or take the alpacas for a walk! And there is enough to explore in the area. In Nuenen, you can follow in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh and visit the many locations that keep his memory alive, such as the Vincentre Museum, theVan Gogh church andThe Opwetten Watermill. Mariahout is also located centrally between the cities s-Hertogenbosch andEindhoven, which must be added to your list as well.

  • Boerenbed bij In de Hei Mariahout
  • Alpaca in de wei bij In de Hei Mariahout

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