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  • Castle Heeswijk

    Castle Heeswijk Castle Heeswijk Brabant Bicycle Café

    Together with St. John’s Cathedral in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Grote Kerk church in Breda and the Markiezenhof in Bergen op Zoom, Kasteel Heeswijk is...

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  • De Kleine Abtshoeve

    De Kleine Abtshoeve

    De Kleine Abtshoeve is an oasis of calm and Brabant hospitality and a nostalgic resting place for cyclists, hikers and (adult) visitors.

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  • De Buitenhorst

    De Buitenhorst

    The atmospheric, luxury De Buitenhorst group accommodation is located close to the Maas and the Maashorst nature reserve in peaceful surroundings....

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  • De Kempervennen

    De Kempervennen

    De Kempervennen Holiday Park offers a varied, unique and sporty selection of activities for a carefree holiday.

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  • De Beerze Boutique Hotel

    De Beerze Boutique Hotel

    This sustainable hotel – with a Gold Green Key and an A+++ energy label – is an oasis of rest during the week, while the corresponding grand café i...

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  • Openluchttheater De Hunnebergen

    Openluchttheater De Hunnebergen

    Constructed in 1930, Openluchttheater De Hunnebergen is the second largest outdoor theatre in   North Brabant. Run entirely by volunteers and in th...

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  • Boutique Hotel Bed&Bos

    Boutique Hotel Bed&Bos

    It is almost impossible to think of a more appropriate name for this hotel: all of the rooms at Boutique Hotel Bed&Bos have an amazing view of the...

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  • Landal het Vennenbos

    Landal het Vennenbos

    Campsite Landal Het Vennenbos is beautifully situated in the middle of the Brabant Kempen countryside. There is always something to do in this car-...

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  • Duinhoeve recreation park

    Duinhoeve recreation park

    Next to the stunning Dunes of Loon and Drunen National Park, Duinhoeve recreation park is popular among families with young children and active peo...

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  • Natuurpoort De Peel

    Natuurpoort De Peel Natuurpoort De Peel Deurne Brabant Bicycle Café

    This attractive catering establishment with a large terrace is the gateway to the unique swamp area of ​​the Deurnese Peel. Also an ideal starting...

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  • Camping Liesbos

    Camping Liesbos

    Less than a fifteen-minute bike ride from the bustling city centre of Breda, campsite Camping Liesbos welcomes city hoppers, families with young ch...

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  • De Heidebloem leisure park

    De Heidebloem leisure park

    Located on the edge of the largest nature reserve of North East Brabant, de Heidebloem leisure park has a welcoming family campsite, various group...

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  • Museum de Vier Quartieren

    Museum de Vier Quartieren Museum de Vier Quartieren

    If you want to discover how Vincent van Gogh saw life in Brabant, Museum de Vier Quartieren is a place you shouldn’t miss.

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  • De Financiën

    De Financiën

    At De Financiën pancake restaurant, relaxation and enjoyment are always paramount, both for parents and for children, who are very well catered for.

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  • Eetcafé De Tijd

    Eetcafé De Tijd

    Featured in the top 100 of restaurant/cafes in the Netherlands for every one of the past ten years, including third place in 2015, De Tijd in Oiste...

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  • Designer Outlet Roosendaal

    Designer Outlet Roosendaal

    You can shop for leading brands with discounts of up to 70% at the Designer Outlet Roosendaal!

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  • PorcusCampus

    PorcusCampus Pigs at PorcusCampusin Aarle Rixtel

    PorcusCampus is more than happy to teach you all about at least sixteen different breeds of pigs. Children will have a great time inside in the mul...

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  • BuitenEten

    BuitenEten Campfire cooking workshop

    Cooking together on a campfire or on the road with a TukTuk. Are you looking for an unforgettable outing for friends, family or your company? At Bu...

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  • Stadsbrouwerij De Deftige Aap

    Stadsbrouwerij De Deftige Aap Picture owners De Deftige Aap

    In Helmond's oldest building, dating from 1550, you are welcome seven days a week for lunch, dinner and drinks. And don't forget to taste the ten d...

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  • In de Hei

    In de Hei Brabant Bicycle Café

    This beautiful location in the 'Greenest municipality of Europe' is very versatile with a B&B, lunch room (with regional products), recreation and...

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  • De Wieger Deurne

    De Wieger Deurne De Wieger Deurne

    Besides a large collection of works by Wiegersma himself, the museum also has a collection of modern visual arts from 1900 to 1940. There is also a...

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  • Herberghe de Coeckepanne

    Herberghe de Coeckepanne

    Herberghe de Coeckepanne has been a household name in Lierop and the wider area for the past 50 years. Here you can enjoy traditional pancakes base...

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  • Het Dinghuis

    Het Dinghuis restaurant Het Dinghuis in Deurne

    Atmospheric restaurant with large terrace located in the castle domain of Deurne, with a view of the Great Castle, the castle garden and the zoo.

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  • Van Gogh Church

    Van Gogh Church

    Located in the centre of Etten-Leur, the Van Gogh Church offers a fascinating glimpse into what is probably the least known period in Vincent van G...

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