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Winter Efteling
Nicky van der Heijden

The Efteling theme park has been open all year round for a number of years. Winter Efteling is from 14th November to 31st January. The park is open from...

Anne Reijnders

My favourite spot in 's-Hertogenbosch is the tramway. The atmosphere is fantastic, but what really makes it fun are all the young entrepreneurs who are...

The Governor's House
Hildo van Engen

The museum is a bit hidden away, which is why not everyone knows how to find it. When you walk through the gate, you can easily imagine yourself in a different...

Marlies van Lier

If you're in Bergen op Zoom, you need to visit the oldest city palace in the Netherlands: the Markiezenhof.

Lievensberg Estate
Andy De Groen

Landgoed Lievensberg (Lievensberg Estate) is a beautiful forest where you can do it all - play, clamber, walk, take photos, play sports - there's something...

Car safari and more in the Beekse Bergen
Florence Verhoeven

Beekse Bergen Safari Park is located in Hilvarenbeek, near Tilburg. It's a large, beautiful park with many different animals that you can see from your...

A great day in Beekse Bergen Safari Park
Nicky van der Heijden

I used to visit the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in Hilvarenbeek as a kid. It's (it has) completely changed - so much so that I didn't recognize it. As you...

Vincent van Gogh house
Ingrid Linders

Great museum about Vincent van Gogh, and some art by artists inspired by Van Gogh.

Grafitti fan? Then go to the Berenkuil & Section-C!
Noud de Greef

Graffiti fan? As well as the bird at Strip-S, the skeleton at Studio Driftig in the Nieuwe Emmasingel, you really should go to the Berenkuil, a roundabout...

Walk or cycle past the Blind Walls Gallery in Breda
Florence Verhoeven

The Blind Walls Gallery is a public street art museum. Wall paintings by various artists can be found right through the city. Every wall painting is on...

Walk along the walls of Heusden.
Ad Hartjes

Make use of a route map or simply go for a wonderful walk around the walls that surround Heusden, with views of the town’s bastions and the town harbour.

Efteling Kaatsheuvel
Nicky van der Heijden

Become a child again for the day. Visit Efteling in Kaatsheuvel. The park is divided up into very active and quieter parts. So the ‘Marerijk’ section includes...

Helmond Castle
Ingrid Linders

The castle in Helmond is a great place to visit with children. In the summer there are all sorts of activities such as handicrafts, games, treasure hunts...

The Binnendieze
Angeline Claassen

Sail in a boat with a guide through and under the historic city centre of Den Bosch. A great way to see the city from the water and learn more about how...

City gate with an escape room!
Jeroen van Beers

What a beautiful, historic city this is! My favourite spot is the city gate. There is also a really good escape room here: Escape de Gate. And after that...

Bianca van den Brandt

An unusual spot with views of the ‘Bosch skyline’ in the middle of a stretch of hidden countryside. I came across the 19th century Moerputten railway bridge...

Veldhoven Zoo
Dorien Vervest

Veldhoven Zoo is a lovely park with lots of parrots and other birds that you can feed with nuts you can buy there. There are various playing fields and...

Dierenrijk Animal Kingdom Nuenen
Nicky van der Heijden

Dierenrijk Animal Kingdom Nuenen: A lovely animal park in Nuenen, close to Eindhoven. The animals can be seen from (fairly) close by and there are shows...

A day out at Kempervennen
Monique Nouwens

Enjoy a wonderful walk outdoors, the atmospheric Market Dome or the tropical heat of the leisure pool. If you are a skiing or snowboarding fanatic, go...

Pixie path Buitencentrum de Pelen
Ingrid Linders

A lovely wood on the border of Brabant and Limburg which is great for playing and having fun outdoors! Everywhere you look you can see where the pixies...

Wander through the sand in the Loon and Drunen Dunes
Bianca van den Brandt

Wow, aren’t the Loon and Drunen Dunes beautiful. I think the nicest thing is to wander through the sand. Tip: park your car behind the Klinkaert tennis...

Alpaca walking in Tilburg and surroundings
Florence Verhoeven

Alpaca walking recommended for all ages: An unusual experience for all animal lovers: walking with alpacas in one of the lovely woods in and around Tilburg....

Experience the Boswachterspad in the Mastbos
Audrey Fennema

The Mastbos forest: recommended at any time of the year! Escape the city and head for the countryside... The Mastbos forest is located next to the city...

Spotting Scottish Highlanders
Michelle Kant

National Park de Biesbosch is a beautiful area to spot Highland cows. One of my favourite places, where you can (almost) always see them, is at the Amalia...