Regional produce

You can enjoy regional produce and specialities from Brabant all year round. For instance in the spring you can enjoy our famous anchovies, strawberries and asparagus. And year round delicious dining with local game is something that we've been doing for centuries in Brabant. And luckily we still are! You can also always find local specialty beers, Trappist cheeses and Bossche bollen to enjoy.

Beer from Brabant

They really like to enjoy life in Brabant. That includes enjoying a beer or two in great company too. Whether that's at home with friends, or in a bar or on a terrace. We don't pride ourselves only on our ever-increasing range of specialty beers. It's also the case that you're increasingly able to drink them in some truly unique locations. And North Brabant is also known as the beer brewing province of the Netherlands. With around four beer brewers per 100,000 inhabitants, we have the largest number in the country.

Breweries in Brabant

The phenomenon of specialty beer is on the rise. From hobby brewers and microbreweries to the big players: there are more and more types of beer these days. Several breweries in Brabant are definitely worth a visit. A number of them offer excursions and tasting sessions. We do recommend that you book in advance though.

The famous Asparagus, Strawberries and Anchovies

A real culinary celebration starts every April in Brabant. That's when the first asparagus and strawberries are harvested, and together with our famous anchovies form the three things that Brabant is famous for. Many restaurants are inspired by these ingredients at this time of year, and create dishes that let them shine.


When you think of asparagus, you think of North Brabant. You can enjoy this delicious seasonal product in Brabant every year from April to June. The 'Brabantse Wal' asparagus is even a recognized European regional product, which owes its distinctive salty taste to the pure groundwater of the Kalmthoutse Heathland and the ocean breezes of Zeeland.

These events are simply not to be missed! Come and enjoy what's known locally as 'White Gold'!



The Van Dort family from Bergen op Zoom is the only family in the Netherlands that still catches anchovies. As soon as the sign with the text 'Fresh anchovies available' appears on Artillery Street, a true run on this delicious fish happens. They are caught in the traditional way in traps.

Tip! Watch the anchovy catch on a boat trip to the weir fishery (in the period May to beginning of June)


The strawberry completes the trio, and is usually included in desserts in our famous seasonal menu. This delicious fruit is often sold at the farmhouse gates of various farms in the region.