Good food in North Brabant

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  • Koffiebar Sowieso Breda
  • Bochica Reusel bord met eten
  • Proosten met La Trappe bij Abdij Koningshoeven

Gastronomy and hospitality are two things in which North Brabant excels. You feel and taste the love for good food and the generous Brabant soil, from the farmyard right up to the heart of Brabant cities. North Brabant also has 20 Michelin stars and, in the area of food innovation, is among the top of Europe.

Are you curious about the tastes of North Brabant region? Follow food routes through the Brabant regions and become acquainted with local products and great stories about the gastronomic culture. With food events, regional shops and attractive restaurants, you can effortlessly make each visit to North Brabant a culinary experience.

Food routes - Join us on a culinary journey of discovery through the food culture of North Brabant

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