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'Say it loud and there's music playing, Say it soft and it's almost like praying, Maria...', sings Toni in West Side Story. Toni & Maria, Romeo & Juliet... Love inspired composers of all times and continents. In the dramatic overture La Forze del Destino, Verdi sings of the power of fate. His darkly radiant sounds add a glowing sheen to Bernstein's American swing and Tchaikovsky's Russian romanticism.

Amid such an abundance of emotion, Mozart's Piano Concerto is a clearing of peace and tranquillity. French pianist Lucas Debargue won the coveted Critics' Prize at the illustrious Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. Those critics wrote of Debargue: 'Incredible talent, artistic vision and creative freedom!'


Jan van Lieshoutstraat 3
5600 AX Eindhoven
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