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'A symphony must be like the world, it must encompass everything,' Gustav Mahler said. And how comprehensive is immediately his First symphony. Awakening from misty morning moods, via blaring fanfares, trailing melodies and a sad funeral march to the stormy triumphant finale.

A typical Mahler with impressions from his native region and habitat. And thus a continuation of the special work before the interval, which also describes cultures: Yaadum Uuree by Finnish composer Hämeenniemi. Inspired by the rich musical tradition of far-off India, he created an intoxicating orchestral work that brings cultures together. Featuring an unforgettable guest role for Indian singer Bombay Jayashri, who became world-famous with her performance for the award-winning film Life of Pi.


Jan van Lieshoutstraat 3
5600 AX Eindhoven
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  • Saturday the 13th of april 2024 at 20:15Tickets


  • Regularfrom €30.00 to €52.50