Savannah – Back to the Country part 13

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In show number 13, the band Savannah treats you once again to a series of beautiful 'new' old titles from the rich music history. Popular songs are interspersed with unknown gems throughout. Moreover, they do not shy away from occasionally crossing the country borders with related music genres from the sixties.

You will notice that this not only enhances recognizability but also adds to your urge to sing along.

Savannah has been at the top of the European country scene for decades and is Neêrlands' longest-running country music production for 18 years.

With this latest, sparkling music theater production, the 6-member cast completes the dozen. We can confidently state that the 12 previous editions certainly guarantee a promising future, namely: Back to the Country part 13!

After the regular show, the ensemble moves to the theater foyer for the traditional and now famous after-party.

Ticket costs are 19.50, which includes a drink.


de Weeffabriek
Molenstraat 23
5664 HV Geldrop
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  • Friday the 1st of march 2024 from 20:30 to 22:30