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'Don't be afraid, this is my dog Mako, and who are you?" asks Miru reassuringly to the bird she picked up from the ground more dead than alive. With imaginative music by a live symphony orchestra, beautiful moving animations on big screen and a narrator, you will be fully immersed in Miku's story.

A family concert created by Nintendo's composer of music for Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Bros and Kingdom Hearts. The orphan girl sets out with her dog to discover what is wrong with the land of Merregnon. Land of Silence is a concert experience that steals the hearts of children, parents and grandparents worldwide. A Japanese fairytale never to be forgotten.


Jan van Lieshoutstraat 3
5600 AX Eindhoven
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  • Tuesday the 23rd of april 2024 at 19:00Tickets


  • Regular€17.50