The 15 most beautiful #visitbrabant Instagram pics

Our #visitbrabant-followers know how to find the best spots in Brabant. From vast nature reserves to creative cities, from pavement cafés serving local delicacies to cultural heritage. We’ve listed the 15 most beautiful shots on Instagram. Choose your favourites and plan a great day out! And don't forget to share your own favourite pics with us using #visitbrabant.

The Wetlands of Brabant

De Moerputten

You don't have to travel all the way to a tropical rainforest in South America! In Brabant you can get the same vibes much closer to home in nature reserve De Moerputten. Take an adventurous walk through this swampy jungle. Or brave the impressive Moerputtenbrug, an old railway bridge across a vast stretch of water.

Photo: @clements_camera 

Rome in miniature

Oudenbosch Basilica

Ciao bella! Proof that you don't have to travel far to feel like you're in Italian territory. The Oudenbosch Basilica is a scaled copy of St. Peter's in Rome. 

Photo: @andyhendrata

Breathtaking vistas

D'n Flaestoren

When you climb the stairs of the imposing Flaestoren in Esbeek, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of the estate Landgoed De Utrecht. This watchtower is 'little' brother to the Kempentoren in Tilburg. 

Photo: @fotoadriaan

Local delicacies

Bossche Bol

Delectable. You can get the only real Bossche Bol at Jan de Groot confectionery in 's-Hertogenbosch. This pastry baker has been baking the famous speciality according to a secret recipe for more than 50 years.

Photo: @worstenbrood_en_wijn

Capital of Dutch Design


No lack of design, innovation and creativity in the energetic city of Eindhoven! Philips brought light to Eindhoven more than 125 years ago - and that light still burns brightly. 

Photo: @goooordiiii

Royal allure


The Our Lady's Church is the pride of Breda. It’s no wonder that this beautiful church is one of the official top-four Monuments in Brabant.

Photo: @jesperstegers

Photogenic fortress town


It’s love at first sight for cameras. Fortress town Heusden is known for its picturesque streets, remarkable boutiques, monumental buildings and welcoming harbour. After a thorough restoration, the town received the highest European restoration award: the 'Europa Nostra'.

Photo: @dronebird_nl 

The legend of Black Kaat

Witch tree

The 130-year-old Witch tree in Bladel tells the story of Black Kaat, the Witch of Hellenende. She used to be a menace to the De Kempen region; now she is hidden in the beautiful countryside. Discover her story on the Black Kaat bike route

Photo: @daysofdrey

Starry Starry Night..

Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path

When the evening falls the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path in Nuenen begins to shine. Here you will literally cycle through one of Vincent's most famous paintings: The Starry Night. 

Photo: @tulipdaytours

Walking through the water

Moses Bridge

Walking through the water without getting your feet wet... that’s no miracle! The Moses Bridge in Halsteren takes you to Fort de Roovere, one of the largest forts of the southern water defence line. 

Photo: @this_fabrik

Artistic walls


This creative mural, created by artist Stefan Thelen, is an homage to Tilburg's past in the textile industry. Today, the rough, industrial character is still clearly visible in the DNA of the city. 

Photo: @eefinbrabant

Magical winter wonderland

Mastbos forest

Whatever season you decide to visit the centuries-old Mastbos forest, you will always be treated to a unique experience. Strolling along the tree-lined avenues, wandering on wooden walkways and spotting fairytale castles. You’ll come across it all during a walk through this beautiful area. 

Photo: @fabriziophotography 

A trip to the Middle Ages

Binnendieze canal 

Hop on board and discover the flowing veins of 's-Hertogenbosch: the Binnendieze canal. Sailing through the narrow waterways you will pass by, and underneath(!), the most beautiful spots of the historic city centre.

Photo: @js_gallerynl

Van Gogh's roots


Zundert is the village where Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853. The master painter from Brabant has been immortalized in a beautiful mosaic portrait on the Market Square in front of the Town Hall. 

Photo: @patrickfotografeert

Enchanting waters

Oisterwijk Forests and Fens

This stunning natural area is unique for its large number of  beautiful meres; no fewer than 80! Count them all in the Oisterwijk Forests and Fens. We can definitely call this one of the most remarkable nature reserves in the Netherlands. 

Photo: @casperboot