The 11 most photogenic spots in North Brabant according to our Locals!

Get out and about in North Brabant and discover the loveliest parts of our province. Create memories together and capture them! Our locals can tell you which are the most photogenic destinations in Brabant. Stunning countryside, unique street art, historical buildings, there’s something for everyone. Make it a great day out or an unforgettable weekend away.

De Moerputten near ’s-Hertogenbosch

An unusual spot with views of the ‘Bosch skyline’ in the middle of a stretch of hidden countryside.

Safari Resort Beekse Bergen

A giraffe in your back garden!


Prisoners’ Gate Bergen op Zoom

City gate with an escape room!

Blind Walls Gallery in Breda

Public street art museum!

Heusden Fortified Town

Walk along the town’s defences

The Berenkuil (Bear Pit!)& Section-C in Eindhoven

Graffiti in the Berenkuil

Museum De Pont in Tilburg

With Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror

The Binnendieze in ’s-Hertogenbosch

Sail under the city

Van Gogh Village Nuenen

At the table with the Potato Eaters

Helmond Castle

The largest moated castle in the Netherlands