8 magical places in North-Brabant that you really must see!

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Cycle over Van Gogh’s Starry Night, stroll through a Dutch Sahara or lose yourself in the largest art maze in the world. These magical places in the province of North Brabant are must-visits! Join us on a voyage of discovery. 

1.    The Sahara of Brabant

Exploring the Loon and Drunen Dunes is an amazing experience. This National Park, located between the towns of Tilburg, Waalwijk and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, is one of the largest sand drift areas in Western Europe. With its endless sand plains, this area is also called the Sahara of Brabant. A great place, not only for peace seekers and nature lovers, but also for passionate mountain bikers. 

If you want your day out to be really complete, combine a visit to the Loon and Drunen Dunes with a visit to the fortified town of Heusden. Heusden has a glorious historical backdrop, its town walls covered in green and facades that have been restored beautifully. Wander through the picturesque streets and past century-old buildings while enjoying the unique shops and restaurants. Great for young and old!

  • Loonse en Drunense Duinen | De Brabantse Sahara
  • Heusden centrum

2. The largest art maze in the world (with rooftop bar!)

A unique and adventurous experience that will make you forget about the world outside: Doloris' Meta Maze in Tilburg. This surrealistic maze allows you to literally walk through works of art, after which you can enjoy the rooftop bar with a view over the city Tilburg

  • Doloris Tilburg
  • Rooftopbar Doloris Meta Maze in Tilburg

3.    Navigating under the city of 's-Hertogenbosch

boat trip on the Bosch Binnendieze is something you must experience. Navigate under historic houses and bridges while on an exploratory expedition through the city centre. You are in the centre of the city yet on the boat it is as quiet as a mouse. And if you’re in ’s-Hertogenbosch anyway, be sure to visit other hot spots, such as the Noordbrabants MuseumSt. John’s Cathedral or one of the many top restaurants. Check out more highlights on our ’s-Hertogenbosch page

4.    Imagination Experience: swinging among the clouds...

Interactive floor projections, surrealistic light objects and digital mirror walls. Imagination Experience lets you step into a fantasy world full of light, interaction and colour. And where else but in Eindhoven, city of technology, knowledge and design. Recommended for all ages! Tip: also visit Dinner in Motion next door, a 360-degree restaurant full of visual spectacle. (photo / video: Imagination Experience)

Tip: Every year in November, Eindhoven dedicates itself for an entire week to the GLOW festival of light art. The city is transformed into one large outdoor museum with beautiful light art displays by international artists. The 2022 edition will take place from 12 to 19 November.

  • Dinner in Motion Eindhoven
  • Dinner in Motion Eindhoven
  • Eindhoven | binnenstad | Blob | design

5.    The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path

This is the most innovative and artistic cycle path in the Netherlands, between Eindhoven and Nuenen. The 600 metre long cycle path shows you the way in the dark thanks to thousands of light-emitting stones which were inspired by the ‘Starry Night’ painting. An amazing experience…

The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path forms part of the Van Gogh Cycle Route. This cycle route comprises ten unique routes which lead you Brabant communities that have a special connection with Van Gogh. If you would rather go hiking, choose the Van Gogh Walk that will take you through the splendid countryside and along the most beautiful Van Gogh heritage sites in Neunen (photos: Studio Roosegaarde). 

  • Van Gogh Roosegaarde fietspad in Eindhoven, nabij Nuenen.

6.    The Efteling continues to be enchanting… 

Themapark The Efteling is an amazing experience for young and old throughout the year. From the fairy tale wood to Raveleijn, from Baron 1898 to the Aquanura light show. Tip: visit it also during the Winterefteling. A fairytale world full of twinkling lights, fun on the ice and bonfires. Staying overnight? You can do that at the Bosrijk holiday park, Efteling Hotel or the Loonsche Land Holiday park.

  • Efteling | Pardoes | Symbolica

7.    Oudenbosch: Rome in miniature

Rome? No, this is North Brabant! This Basilica of the Holy Agatha and Barbara is located in Oudenbosch and, for the most part, is a copy of the Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. The basilica is open for visitors, but you can also take a guided tour. A small stairway will take you upstairs to admire the beautiful paintings in the dome from close up.

There are more special places to discover in Oudenbosch. Visit the Botanical Garden Arboretum Oudenbosch, the Tivoli Observatory, the Dutch Zouave Museum or the Chapel of Saint Louis. Combining Oudenbosch with the ‘Van Gogh village’ Etten-Leur (15 minutes) or Breda (20 minutes) is a guarantee for a wonderful and varied day out.

  • Basiliek Oudenbosch © VisitHalderberge

8. The Begijnhof in Nassau city Breda

When you enter the gates of the Begijnhof on Catharinastraat in Breda, it feels as though you have gone centuries back in time. The Begijnhof is a wonderful, quiet, idyllic location in the busting centre of Breda. It is a favourite place of Florence, a local: “I could stay here all afternoon. The court, the church and the herbal garden are all free of charge. And the Begijn Museum and the Miniatures and Dolls Museum are certainly worth a visit.” (photo's: Breda Marketing)

Nassau city Breda is the home of the Dutch Royal House and is very versatile. Visit historic sites such as the Church of Our Lady, the Castle of Breda and the Spanjaardsgat, a 16th-century water gate. Get lost in Valkenberg Park, an oasis of green in the centre of the inner city. Or discover the city’s stories through no fewer than 100 murals, also known as the Blind Walls Gallery. If you are looking for a stately place to stay overnight, Hotel Nassau Breda is a beautiful hotel housed in a former city palace.

To discover more of North Brabant in a royal manner, go on adventure in and around the most beautiful Brabant castles.

  • Begijnhof Breda
  • Begijnhof Breda
  • Breda binnenstad | varen singels | grote kerk

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