7 delightful winter outings in North Brabant

Strolling through illuminated streets, visiting delightful amusement parks or taking a walk with the whole family. One thing is certain: in North Brabant you won't have to be bored this winter. Read our heart-warming tips for great days out during the cold season!

1. Magical Winter Efteling

A fairy-tale winter world full of twinkling lights, fun on the ice and bonfires. Winter Efteling is a great experience for young and old with the 'Warme Winter Weide' winter garden, ice skating rink and of course numerous rides and shows. If you want to spend the night then head to the Efteling Hotel, Holiday Park Bosrijk or Holiday Park Het Loonsche Land.

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  • Winter Efteling - Aquanura
  • Kindje samen met de muziekpaddenstoel in de Winter Efteling
  • Winter Efteling - Wensboom bij Symbolica

2. Follow in the footsteps of Van Gogh

The world-famous painter Vincent van Gogh was not only born in North Brabant, but he also lived and worked here for a major part of his life. Step in Van Gogh’s footsteps and discover the new Van Gogh walking route in Helvoirt. This will lead you through the Brabant countryside which was home to the Van Gogh family, and which made Vincent feel so much at home.

Or visit one of the extraordinary Van Gogh locations, such as the Van Goghhuis in Zundert, the Noordbrabants Museum or the Watermolen van Opwetten.

  • Van Gogh in Brabant in het Noordbrabants Museum
  • Opwettense Watermolen in Nuenen

3. Become acquainted with monastery life by touring a monastery

No fewer than 13 beautiful walking routes have been marked out alongside various monasteries and abbeys in North Brabant. These monastery routes include De Groote Heide, Heeswijk-Dinther and Megen. They tell the amazing stories of monastery life, past and present.

The tours take from 1 to 2½ hours. If you simply cannot get enough of monasteries and abbeys, follow our Kloosterpad or Monastery Path, a 330-kilometre walking tour that takes you past fifty (former) monasteries and abbeys in North Brabant over fifteen stages.

  • Kloosterrondwandeling Heeswijk-Dinther
  • Kloosterrondwandeling Abdij van Berne

4. An adventure in Safaripark Beekse Bergen

Safaripark Beekse Bergen is the ultimate place to meet impressive lions, rhinos, elephants and cheetahs! A great outing for young and old. But if being there during the day isn’t adventurous enough for you, you can also stay in the Safari Hotel or Safari Resort, where you can spend the night among the wild animals in lodges, safari tents or tree houses.

Experience an unforgettable adventure this winter during the very first edition of Light Safari at Safaripark Beekse Bergen. As the animals retreat to their shelters for the night, a beautiful rainbow of luminous animals, flowers and plants comes to life along the walking safari. Light Safari can be admired from 7 December 2023 through 25 February 2024, from 17:00 to 21:30, Thursday through Sunday.

  • Safari Hotel Beekse Bergen
  • Safari Hotel Beekse Bergen
  • Beekse Bergen Light Safari

5. Magical castles

One thing is certain: you won't get bored in our castles in Brabant. What about Helmond Castle, one of the best preserved medieval castles in the Netherlands? Or discover the beautiful Maurick Castle, situated on an island in Vught by the little river Dommel. You can not only spend the night here, but also enjoy delicious food. The monumental Heeswijk Castle is also highly recommended. Tip: there are various treasure hunts especially for children.

  • Kasteel Helmond. Hier is ook Museum Helmond gevestigd.
  • Kasteel Maurick Vught
  • Kasteel Heeswijk - winter

6. Give (yourself) a tour gift

Enjoy the trail with family and friends, allow your food to digest after breakfast on Christmas Day or wander through a winter landscape and bring this wonderful time to a close with hot chocolate. Plan your tour from your location and walk from junction to junction – very handy! Visit our page Hiking in Brabant for more inspiration and use the route planner. 

  • Grave - winter
  • Biesbosch - winter - wandeling - kinderen
  • Wandelen langs de dommel 's-Hertogenbosch

7. Discover the cities.

Surprising, innovative, historical, trendy and always fun! Our Brabant cities guarantee a nice day out or weekend away. From Breda to Eindhoven; from Tilburg to 's-Hertogenbosch. On our city pages you will find the best highlights, events and inside tips. 

  • Breda

    Breda - Grote Markt - kerstsfeer
  • 's-Hertogenbosch

    's-Hertogenbosch - binnenstad - binnendieze
  • Eindhoven

    Eindhoven | binnenstad | Blob | design
  • Tilburg

    Tilburg - binnenstad winter

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