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Wander through the sand in the Loon and Drunen Dunes
Bianca van den Brandt

Wow! The Loon and Drunen Dunes are so beautiful. In the summer you can imagine you are really in the (Brabant) Sahara. Stroll from the Bosch & Duin country...

Meet Vincent van Gogh in Vincentre Nuenen
Vivianne Van Bijsterveld

Vincentre is a Dutch museum in Nuenen dedicated to the artist Vincent van Gogh. Vincentre was opened on 18 July 2010. The story of Vincent van Gogh and...

Cuddle the alpacas at the alpaca farm in Vorstenbosch
Claire Cavens

A wonderful day out, with or without the kids. You can walk around with alpacas on the alpaca farm and cuddle them, and more activities are always being...

Cuddle the goats at Geitenhoeven farm in Tilburg
Florence Verhoeven

You can visit the Geitenhoeve farm during ‘special’ days, such as lambs’ day, or you can book a guided tour. The lambing season is from January to May,...

Good Food 33 in Helmond
Nicky van der Heijden

Helmond is adding ever more restaurants to its centre including Good Food 33, located next to the Rabobank building. It has an extensive menu with delicious...

Strijp-S Eindhoven
Nicky van der Heijden

If you are ever in Eindhoven, you should not miss Strijp-S. This former factory site, which was only accessible by Philips employees, nowadays is home...

Kunsthal Helmond
Vivianne Van Bijsterveld

In this modern art gallery, Museum Helmond presents temporary photography and art exhibitions for art and culture lovers and groups of students. Kunsthal...

Florence Verhoeven

A beautiful, lively and inspiring museum about the textile industry in Tilburg. There is plenty to see in the textile museum such as a damask weaving mill,...

Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor in front of De Pont Museum
Niek van de Broek

The top spot for modern art in Tilburg: Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor in front of De Pont Museum. This giant mirror can be found in the forecourt of the museum....

A hearty lunch at RAW in Tilburg
Florence Verhoeven

The Spoorzone area in Tilburg is getting better and better; take a stroll through its streets and visit Restaurant Altijd Welkom (Restaurant Always Welcome,...

GLOW Eindhoven
Arno Lucas

This event has been held for several years now in the Netherlands’ one and only city of light: Eindhoven. The route is easy to walk and the works of art...

The Cacaofabriek (The Cocoa Factory)
Maria Vermeer

The Cocoa Factory in Helmond is a wonderful mix of old and new. It has a great pop theatre, multiple cinema screens and a great restaurant. In nice weather,...

'T Speelhuis theatre
Rob Scheepers

For me, the most beautiful spot in Helmond is the 't Speelhuis Theatre, an old church which has been converted into a wonderful theatre. If you're ever...

Prison escape in the Dome Prison in Breda
Florence Verhoeven

A brilliant experience that I can recommend to everyone. Your mission - the escape from the Dome Prison within 3 hours. The prison feeling starts at the...

'T Heusdens Ijshuys (Ice Cream shop of Heusden)
Inge Sprangers

My kids love visiting the fortified town of Heusden. Not least because of the delicious ice cream we traditionally get at 't Heusdens IJshuys. Always yummy!

Philips Museum, Eindhoven
Nicky van der Heijden

The Philips Museum is right in the centre of Eindhoven. This is where you'll find the history of Philips - from when Gerard Philips produced his first...

Go sailing! Discover Breda from the water.
Patrick Verkoeijen

Cruise through Breda on the Singel Canal. From the Haven embarkation point, you enter Breda's Singel Canal via the Spanjaardsgat. In just under an hour,...

A weekend at Safari Resort Beekse Bergen
Michelle Kant

I have always dreamed of a safari in South Africa, but that costs a fortune. Thankfully there is an alternative closer to home, which is called the Safari...

Museum De Pont in Tilburg
Florence Verhoeven

A visit to De Pont museum in Tilburg is highly recommended. A beautiful work of art by Anish Kapoor, the Sky Mirror graces the entrance. This alone...

Jazz in Duketown
Arno Lucas

JAZZ in Duketown: This free annual event takes place in May in the heart of ‘-Hertogenbosch. As its name suggests, plenty of live jazz is performed. Major...

Efteling Bosrijk Holiday park
Monique Nouwens

Rest and enchantment in Bosrijk holiday park. The Efteling is a short walk away, and entry to the park is included in the price. And I don't know if it's...

Water Mill at Kollen
Frans Kapteijns

When you visit the Water Mill at Kollen, you'll feel like you're standing in a Van Gogh painting. It's not possible to get closer! Here you'll find an...

The Houtloods: perfect for a special evening out
Anne Travel Foodie

The Houtloods is a unique restaurant in Tilburg. This is not only because of the location (the beautifully restored building in the Spoorzone - Railway...

Vershal het Veem (the Veem indoor market)
Jamy Hobbelen

There are other things apart from the old Philips Factories to be found on Strijp-S. You can also visit the Veem indoor market. From beers from Eindhoven...