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Wander through the sand in the Loon and Drunen Dunes
Bianca van den Brandt

Wow! The Loon and Drunen Dunes are so beautiful. In the summer you can imagine you are really in the (Brabant) Sahara. Stroll from the Bosch & Duin country...

Cuddle the goats at Geitenhoeven farm in Tilburg
Florence Verhoeven

You can visit the Geitenhoeve farm during ‘special’ days, such as lambs’ day, or you can book a guided tour. The lambing season is from January to May,...

Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor in front of De Pont Museum
Niek van de Broek

The top spot for modern art in Tilburg: Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor in front of De Pont Museum. This giant mirror can be found in the forecourt of the museum....

Water Mill at Kollen
Frans Kapteijns

When you visit the Water Mill at Kollen, you'll feel like you're standing in a Van Gogh painting. It's not possible to get closer! Here you'll find an...

De Warande city park
Albert Veenstra

Animals, park and trees with lovely short hiking trails.

Lievensberg Estate
Andy De Groen

Landgoed Lievensberg (Lievensberg Estate) is a beautiful forest where you can do it all - play, clamber, walk, take photos, play sports - there's something...

Walk or cycle past the Blind Walls Gallery in Breda
Florence Verhoeven

The Blind Walls Gallery is a public street art museum. Wall paintings by various artists can be found right through the city. Every wall painting is on...

Walk along the walls of Heusden.
Ad Hartjes

Make use of a route map or simply go for a wonderful walk around the walls that surround Heusden, with views of the town’s bastions and the town harbour.

Bianca van den Brandt

An unusual spot with views of the ‘Bosch skyline’ in the middle of a stretch of hidden countryside. I came across the 19th century Moerputten railway bridge...

Experience the Boswachterspad in the Mastbos
Audrey Fennema

The Mastbos forest: recommended at any time of the year! Escape the city and head for the countryside... The Mastbos forest is located next to the city...

Spotting Scottish Highlanders
Michelle Kant

National Park de Biesbosch is a beautiful area to spot Highland cows. One of my favourite places, where you can (almost) always see them, is at the Amalia...

A royal walk
Naomi van den Broek

If you are looking for a nice place to walk then I can really recommend the castle grounds in Heeswijk. A lovely piece of countryside with a beautiful...