Hiking in Brabant

What better way to explore Brabant than on foot? Walk through towns, across heathland, through woods and past quaint villages. 

Walking route network

There are many different walks you can take in Brabant, and the Dutch system of walking trail junctions makes finding the way very easy. This system is a network of beautiful signposted trails, covering all of Brabant. Every junction of paths or roads has a number. By walking from one junction to another, you can create your own walking route.The network does not stop when you leave Brabant. The Dutch provinces of Zeeland to the west and Limburg to the east use the same system, and so does a part of Belgium to the south.

​And don’t forget to take some breaks on your trip to experience the real Brabant!

  • Townwalk Heusden

    The fortress history of Heusden can be felt in almost every stone. Walking through the centuries’old streets you can imagine yourself in the 1600s.

    Open route
    Townwalk Heusden
  • Townwalk Willemstad

    Willemstad has the shape of a seven-pointed star and is surrounded by five fortresses. The town is one big monument. Enter the fortress and stroll outside the walls over the canal.

    Open route
    Townwalk Willemstad

Children's adventure trails

Create your own walking route

This system is a network of beautiful signposted trails, covering all of Brabant. The walking paths are signposted with the intersection numbers and arrows showing you the way. Getting lost is a thing of the past! Each intersection also has a panel with a map, so you are always free to adjust your route if you wish. The distances between the intersections are also indicated on the signs.