Brabant Masters

Discover North Brabant, the birthplace of master painters Vincent van Gogh, Hieronymus Bosch and Lucas Gassel

The region of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands has produced an illustrious array of masters. Bold innovators and headstrong geniuses found, and are finding, their inspiration in the culture and landscape of North Brabant. Iconic examples are the master painters Hieronymus Bosch, Vincent van Gogh, and also the lesser-known Lucas Gassel. Their work has been disseminated all over the world and still appeals to the imagination. In Brabant, visitors can get to know the world in which these painters became masters. Stroll through the historic city centre of 's-Hertogenbosch where Hieronymus Bosch painted his Garden of Earthly Delights, discover the medieval landscapes of Lucas Gassel in Museum Helmond and visit the locations where Van Gogh lived and painted.