Municipality of Oss

The inviting inner city of Oss, surrounded by picturesque medieval towns, filled pavement cafes and non-standard shops, the varied landscape with forest, heathland, sand drifts, polders and kilometres of Maasdijk, offers all you could desire for a wonderful day out with the entire family.

Oss is happy to inform you about its amazing entrepreneurial history, the battle against, next to and on the water, and about its religious heritage. Get to know the stories about Oss as you follow the beautiful hiking and cycling routes through Oss. The city itself sums it up so aptly: You find it all in Oss!

On, alongside and at the water
Stroll past small meres or pools and aurochs (wild cattle) in the Herperduin nature reserve in Maashorst, where you will encounter forests, heathland and sand drifts. Or view the beautiful countryside and the marshy reed bed around the Maas and the Ossermeer, a former branch of the Maas. Zigzag across the water, taking breaks by cycling or walking over the dykes to view the washlands and splendid fortified towns.

Impressive heritage
The beautiful historic city centre of Ravenstein contains countless monuments and memories of an illustrious past. Megen was once the ‘capital’ of Megen county, with a history that can be traced back to 721 at least. The medieval street plan (paved with large cobblestones) and the Gevangentoren or prison tower makes it feel as though you are wandering through the mists of time.

Enterprising Oss
Discover the rich, industrial past of Oss while following the ‘Rondje stad van Oss,’ a 4.5-kilometre-long city walk around Oss. Learn all about the 100 years of pharmaceuticals and be pleasantly surprised by the enterprising farmers of Oss; they were present at the cradle of (international) leading brands such as Organon, Unox and Unilever!

Throughout the entire day it is possible to enjoy the delicious regional products of, for example, Landerij van Tosse, where you can literally taste the landscape of Oss!

Highlights in Oss

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