Land van de Peel

In the south-east of Brabant, undiscovered pathways prick your curiosity and repeatedly challenge you to embark on a new adventure. Come and wander through the Natura 2000 area and allow yourself to be carried away by centuries-old castles and award-winning museums and sample the good life.

National park and Natura 2000
In Land van de Peel, peace and quiet are available in abundance. One of the most eye-catching features is the vast Strabrechtse Heide close to Someren, where you will also find the Beuven, the largest natural lake in the Netherlands. In De Groote Peel National Park and the Deurnese- and Mariapeel, you can familiarise yourself with the lush Peel landscape. This Natura 2000 area has one of the highest densities of bird life in Western Europe. Decked paths, observation towers, bird-watching huts and bridges lead you right through the heart of this once impenetrable marshland.

    The best bases for exploring the area are Buitencentrum de Pelen in Ospel and Natuurpoort de Peel in Deurne.

    Castles and museums
    The vast landscape of Land van de Peel connects historic village centres rich in monuments and religious and industrial heritage. It’s where the stories of Peel come to life. Step into the world of knights, lords and ladies at Helmond Museum, immerse yourself in the legends of the Peel at Klok & Peel Museum in Asten, walk the ‘Tuinpad van mijn vader’ path at De Wieger Museum in Deurne or go back in time and visit a Peel village as it would have been in the early 1900s at the Farmers’ Museum in Gemert.

    What will you discover in the Land van de Peel? Check out the highlights below or find inspiration in the activities and events at 

    Top 5 highlights in Land van de Peel

    • Museum Klok & Peel

      Museum Klok & Peel shows in a unique way how the Groot Peel National Park, a nature reserve bordering the Dutch provinces of Brabant and Limburg, has developed in the past ten thousand years. 

      Museum Klok & Peel
    • Herberg de Brabantse Kluis

      De Brabantse Kluis is a tasteful inn located in the green and beautiful countryside of Aarle-Rixtel between Eindhoven and Helmond.

      Herberg de Brabantse Kluis
    • Museum Helmond

      The fourteenth century Helmond Castle and the modern Kunsthal (art gallery) provide Museum Helmond with two unique and very different museum locations.

      Museum Helmond
    • Boerenbondsmuseum Gemert

      This living open-air museum will make you feel like you are in the Brabant countryside of 1900.

      Boerenbondsmuseum Gemert
    • Liberation route Asten

      While cycling this route you will be confronted with great deeds, but also with the atrocities of war. 

      Liberation route Asten