The Municipality of Bergeijk is a lovely, quiet municipality to live in and relax. Bergeijk is not only the largest municipality in North Brabant but was also proclaimed the greenest village of the Netherlands. More than 85% of this border town, 103 km2 in size, consists of forest, nature and farmland. A beautiful place for hikers, cyclists, horse riders and Nordic walkers. Discover the countless trails for cycling, mountain biking, hiking, horse-riding and wagon-driving and recharge your battery. But do not forget about the (cultural) historical choices: from the special history of the burial mounds dating back to the Bronze Age to the designs by architect Gerrit Rietveld and Mien Ruys.
For longer holidays, there is holiday park De Kempervennen, or family campsite De Paal, which was proclaimed Campsite of the Year 2019 by the ANWB, the biggest Dutch travel association! Bergeijk also has several Bed and Breakfasts and a dozen or so small campsites.

Six distinctive areas
The municipality of Bergeijk, which has more than 18,000 inhabitants, consists of a number of villages and areas which each have their own identity and attractions: ’t Loo, Bergeijk ‘t Hof, Luyksgestel, Riethoven, De Weebosch, and Westerhoven. 

It is located 20 kilometres away from Eindhoven, the City of Light, between Valkenswaard and the Belgian border.The municipality boasts beautiful nature areas and interesting cultural sights. Enjoy the biodiversity of Nature Garden ’t Loo, or experience the rich history of the Sint Willibrorduskerk Church in Riethoven. One of the Netherlands’ four bakery museums is located in windmill De Grenswachter in Luyksgestel and produces the most delicious sausage rolls in the country. In October, you can join the pilgrims on their journey to the Sint Gerarduskerk Church in De Weebosch and learn about Baron ‘Gielis de Pielis’. The medicinal spring at the Valentinus Chapel in Westerhoven harks back to the Middle Ages.

Rietveld in Bergeijk
Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you find more designs by this famous architect than in Bergeijk, which is also known as ‘the Rietveld village’. He designed the Weverij de Ploeg factory, two residences and a bus stop shelter. The park, designed by landscape artist Mien Ruys, features an imposing Rietveld clock. Some years ago, national monument De Ploeg was beautifully restored and now houses BRUNS, a leading developer of educative exhibitions. The Eicha Museum, in the Teutenhuis visitors’ centre, can tell you more about the history of Bergeijk, including the prehistoric burial mounds.

Highlights in Bergeijk

More points of interest in Bergeijk