Def Americans

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In 2024, thirty years after the release of the first American Recordings, Def Americans Johnny Cash Tribute brings the most captivating songs from this iconic series to Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. The people from Eindhoven's Def Americans skillfully capture the swing, atmosphere, and rebellion of a performance by this legendary American outlaw. The songs that 'The Man In Black' himself delivered with so much love and passion are rejuvenated on this evening.

Singer Elco Weitering: "The American Recordings led to a reevaluation of artists who can and dare to perform their own work and that of others in a fragile acoustic version. But it must be authentic - honest and sincere, otherwise it doesn't work. 'From the gut,' as Johnny would say."


Jan van Lieshoutstraat 3
5600 AX Eindhoven
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  • Friday the 10th of may 2024 at 20:15Tickets


  • Regular€25.00