Open Bedrijvendag Laarbeek

Open Bedrijvendag Laarbeek

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The Open Bedrijvendag is the event in Laarbeek where people can get to know businesses in Laarbeek. Take a look behind the scenes at companies where the doors are usually closed. It's all about experience. These companies are located on the industrial estate, radiate good employment practices and have active vacancies and/or internships and/or apprenticeships open and interactively show visitors who they are on that day.

Are you looking for work? Do you want to see what Laarbeek has to offer? Would you like to introduce your children to these Laarbeek pearls? There are plenty of reasons for young to old to visit this event. 

Open Bedrijvendag Laarbeek is an initiative of Stichting Parkmanagement Laarbeek and is embraced by the Laarbeek Labour Market & Education Steering Group. Through cooperation within the Entrepreneurs Fund Laarbeek, the business community and education are broadly represented.


Centrum Laarbeek
5741GA Beek en Donk
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  • Saturday the 12th of october 2024 from 11:00 to 17:00


  • Free