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This theater adaptation of the thick novel Het Achtste Leven (for Brilka) will be a grand and epic music theater performance. A heartbreaking actor's drama, told from the perspective of the female characters. An emotional, visual and musical journey through the twentieth century, with music sung and played live.

Theater adaptation of the novel Het Achtste Leven (voor Brilka), through which the young Georgian writer Nino Haratischwili internationally conquered many readers' hearts. This grand and epic musical theater performance features live music both sung and performed: from Caucasian and Slavic folkloric songs to pop songs from the story's later decades. 

Artistic director Daria Bukvić creates this performance as an ode to the strong women in her family, who with their resilience managed to endure the atrocities of history with their heads held high.


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  • Friday the 10th of may 2024 at 18:30Tickets


  • Regular€29.50