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This project, Pynarello is venturing into Tchaikovsky's sixth, which the composer himself said was his best work. However, a mysterious atmosphere surrounds this last Tchaikovsky symphony, as the composer died nine days after conducting the premiere in 1893. Theories circulate about cholera, suicide, his hidden homosexuality, but nothing surrounding his death has ever been proven. This mysterious history is the starting point for Pynarello's journey of discovering Symphony Pathétique.

Pynarello is a bunch of rebels made of flexible material. Pynarello is like a storm upsetting the conventionalities of classical music. They think it can all be done differently, more adventurous, spontaneous, more direct, without a conductor and without sheet music. Pynarello is an out of the box collective, the next generation consisting of today's greatest talents.


Jan van Lieshoutstraat 3
5600 AX Eindhoven
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