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What are celebrity foodies’ favourite places to eat? Which spots are the most photogenic? Which festivals in North Brabant are the best? And where are the trendy hotspots you really should visit? Here you can read all about it. Use it to your advantage and find some inspiration for your visit to North Brabant. Have fun! 

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Backpacking in Brabant

Backpacking in Brabant Naline van Stop and Stare

Isn’t backpacking something you only do in faraway lands? No, absolutely not! Put on your backpack and discover how lovely and surprising North Brabant can be.


5 Picturesque spots and landscapes in East Brabant

5 Picturesque spots and landscapes in East Brabant Molen de Roosdonck

I discovered five places in the Brabant countryside that Vincent recorded on canvas a century and a half ago. In this blog I’ll accompany you past places in the Dommel Valley marshland and heathland, and I hope it will be my turn to inspire you.

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