Brabant top attractions

  • Efteling met gezin in eftelingattractie Max & Moritz
  • Een groepje kinderen staat te kijken naar een aantal olifanten tijdens het wandelen door het park.
  • Twee zusjes op een paddenstoel in de Efteling
  • Beekse Bergen autosafari dromedaris

If you are going away for a weekend with the family, you will find just what you need in North Brabant, because the region contains many top attractions for both young and old.

For the adventurous among us, a visit to Beekse Bergen Safari Park is highly recommended. Go on a nature safari and meet more than 150 wild animals! The Efteling theme park is also a very popular attraction. Not only will you get to meet your favourite fairy-tale characters here, but you can also take in spectacular shows and challenge yourself to go on a scary ride in the newest attraction ‘Danse Macabre’ (opening in autumn 2024).


A world full of wonders ...

A world full of wonders ...

Efteling is the favourite place for a day out in the Netherlands, with no fewer than six roller coasters and 30 unique fairy tales. No wonder that it’s one of the top attractions in Brabant, in the Netherlands and even in Europe for families with young children, teenagers and grandparents. 

Efteling Baron 1898 Efteling met kinderen bij de draak

Are you staying overnight?

  • Efteling Village Bosrijk

    Come and enjoy a fantastic stay at Efteling Bosrijk, a generously proportioned holiday park located just a ten minute walk from the amusement park itself.

    Efteling Village Bosrijk
  • Efteling Loonsche Land Holiday village

    Sleep in the middle of the countryside at Efteling Loonsche Land Holiday village. You can look out across the tree tops and find cabins covered with dune sand and heather, and all this on walking distance of Efteling theme park.

    Efteling Loonsche Land Holiday village
  • Efteling Hotel

    No expense has been spared at this luxury four-star hotel located just a five minute walk from Efteling. Sleep like Sleeping Beauty in the Doornroosje (Sleeping Beauty) Suite or in one nineteen other enchanting themed bedrooms.

    Efteling Hotel

Beekse Bergen

The largest wildlife park in Europe!

The largest wildlife park in Europe!

Discover the beauty of the nature in Beekse Bergen Safari Park. A real break from your daily routine. Go on safari through the great outdoors and meet wild animals eye to eye. Make an informative and unique journey through the world of Beekse Bergen. Surround yourself with lions, elephants, hippos and rhinos and imagine yourself on the African savannah. During the unique safari routes – by bus, boat, car or on foot – become acquainted with the story and habits of more than 150 different kinds of animals. Nowhere else can you get this close to them!

Beekse Bergen
Meisje op safari in Beekse Bergen en spot dieren door haar verrekijker Safaripark Beekse Bergen

Are you staying overnight?

  • Safari Hotel Beekse Bergen

    At the Safari Hotel, you see the sun rise over the savannah, while the animals wander past your balcony. Come and enjoy an adventurous and breath-taking holiday whereby you also get to take advantage of the fun at the whole Park.

    Safari Hotel Beekse Bergen
  • Beekse Bergen Safari Resort

    Beekse Bergen Safari Resort offers a unique experience in Brabant: sleep in luxurious accommodations among the wild animals.

    Beekse Bergen Safari Resort
  • Lake Resort Beekse Bergen

    Combine your day out with staying overnight at Lake Resort Beekse Bergen so you don’t miss any of the safari park’s impressive nature and wild animals.

    Lake Resort Beekse Bergen

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