Maasheggen’s fable route

Animal adventures in the Maasheggen

Fifteen modern fables are told along the fifteen kilometre long cycle route through the UNESCO area De Maasheggen and the nature reserve De Vilt. The key players in all of the fables are animals and plants that also appear in the natural surroundings of Oeffelt and Beugen. Would you like to hear them? 

Panels with a QR code are scattered along the route. Scan the QR code with the camera on your mobile phone and listen to the exciting, amusing fables that are educational as well. The fables have been revised and recorded by author Geurt Franzen from Boxmeer. 

On this cycleroute:

De Vilt nature reserve
De Vilt nature reserve, 140 hectares in size, is the property of Brabants Landschap and is located between the villages Beugen and Oeffelt. This natural pearl contains two large watery areas, De Beugense Vilt and De Oeffeltse Vilt, that are surrounded by flowery grasslands, marshlands, hedges and woods. De Vilt is one of the forty places designated by the region that tell the story of the origin of North Brabant. De Vilt is a former bend in the Maas that became silted up over time. The area was formed around fifteen thousand years ago.