Cycling route: the western Langstraat

4 hour 10 minutes (49.8 km)

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Get on a bike and go on a culinary voyage of discovery in the beautiful area of the Langstraat in the Heart of Brabant region. These food routes are devoted to sustainable food. They take you past local businesses that each in their own way contribute to a healthy world.

At the locations, you will find a QR code for a video, which gives you a peek behind the scenes. One of the things you will learn is how you can tackle food waste. Discover, enjoy, feast and have fun in the Langstraat: the garden of Brabant!

This cycle route through Western Langstraat is devoted to sustainable food. You cycle through Waspik, Kaatsheuvel, Loon op Zand, De Moer, Dongen and 's Gravenmoer. On the way, you are introduced to local businesses that each in their own way contribute to a healthy world.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Klein Dongenseweg 81
5106AB Dongen
Klein Dongenseweg 81
5106AB Dongen
07 27 28 29 48 13
75 36 11 18 45 17 19 23
Van Haestrechtstraat 9
5171 RB Kaatsheuvel
22 32 37
Loonse Molenstraat 35
5175 PS Loon op Zand
12 13
Moleneind 29
Loon op Zand

De Zwammenberg

Zijstraat 20
5176 NG De Moer
Visit the De Zwammenberg mini campsite and à la carte restaurant, and discover why one enthusiastic guest concluded: "Somewhere you will really want to spend some time."
De Zwammenberg
Boerderij De Annahoeve
Zijstraat 25
5176 NG De Moer
Veepad 33
5105AG Dongen
08 07
Klein Dongenseweg 81
5106AB Dongen
End point: Klein Dongenseweg 81
5106AB Dongen


Starting point: Klein Dongenseweg 81
5106AB Dongen
  • TerraVie
    Organic produce straight from the land
    TerraVie is one of the few businesses growing solely organic produce. In the season, you can get strawberries, cherries and red berries. The farm shop with its terrace, located amidst fields, also sells produce from other Dune Farmers.
  • Natuurlijk Tomaat
    Delicious and natural
    Natuurlijk Tomaat in Dongen organically cultivates various species of tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Food Forest Waspik
    Food for body and mind.
    Many volunteers take care of this beautiful piece of natural landscape. It is open to everyone and gives both the body as well as mind the necessary food. They regularly organise a range of activities.
  • Boerderijwinkel Theo Machielsen
    Brabant’s local shop and museum
    You can go to this local farm shop in Brabant for your daily vegetables, fruit and plants. Besides visiting the shop, you can also take a peek in the museum containing Grandma’s possessions.
  • Imkerij Op ’t Sandt
    Meet the beekeeper and her bee colony
    Beekeeper Ingrid loves her large families of bees. She is committed to biodiversity. Her bee pavilion is on the outskirts and everyone is welcome to come and meet the beekeeper and her bee colony.
  • De Zwammenberg
    Sample exotic mushrooms
    From April to October, various exotic mushrooms are cultivated at De Zwammenberg. The Jansma family provide excursions and you can sample the mushrooms in the various dishes that De Zwammenberg serves in its own restaurant.
  • De Annahoeve - De Moer
    Honest and delicious selection
    With a trip to De Annahoeve farm shop, you can enjoy genuine farm life. They produce their own meat and many regional products. The area around the Loon and Drunen Dunes National Park has a wide range of fresh and often organic produce from the Dune Farmers. Many products are therefore fresh from the land and you can taste it!
  • Opener beer
    Beer brewed to be shared
    For Opener, beer is one big adventure, an experience that transcends drink. The pleasure with which Opener does this is palpable in everything they do, and they like to share that with you. The beer sommeliers will be more than happy to tell you all about this wonderful drink and they will help you discover your flavour.
End point: Klein Dongenseweg 81
5106AB Dongen
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