Missionary Convent Heilig Bloed

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Among the fields northeast of Aarle-Rixtel lies Missionary Convent Heilig Bloed (holy blood). The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood originated in South Africa at the end of the nineteenth century. The sisters’ most important task was to proclaim the Catholic faith around the world. To prepare the sisters for their arduous missionary work, a convent was founded in Kirchherten, Germany. In 1902 it moved to Brabant. The stone placed at the time of construction and bearing the date 1902-1903 is written in German because of that origin. The inhabitants of Aarle-Rixtel got to know the sisters especially through their work in the area. They worked as district nurses, cared for the elderly and gave music lessons.


Kloosterdreef 7
5735 SJ Aarle Rixtel
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