Carmelite Monastery Boxmeer

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It is thanks to Count Albert of Bergh and Countess Madeleine of Cusance that there is a Carmelite monastery here. After the Peace of M√ľnster (1648), freely practising the Catholic faith was prohibited in the Republic. Boxmeer had different laws, which is why many Catholics came here. The count and countess saw a good opportunity for founding a monastery, a place to take care of these Catholics. The thing that makes the monastery in Boxmeer exceptional are the beautiful stained glass windows, likely designed by Abraham van Diepenbeeck. One of the windows depicts a miraculous scene. The story goes that around 1400 a priest had doubts about his faith, until the day that he saw wine turn into blood during a mass.


Steenstraat 39
5831 JA Boxmeer
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